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December 5, 2019

Well, we have somehow made it to the end of season one for Behind The Soundcheck today, and what better way to go out in style than with a jaunt into the world of one of the most dynamic entertainers in the biz (and one of The Soundcheck&...

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29 Dec 2018

2018 has been a truly incredible adventure of killer music, stellar shows and bands both old and new fighting the good fight to gift us with their art. For The Soundcheck it has been a privilege to review and interview so many of these artists, and to celebrate the ama...

19 Dec 2018

Today we're violating the Sound Off Saturday rule to bring you a Sound Off a bit early, as this Saturday will mark the kick off of something extra special for the end of the year. And since 2018 is just about done, it seems fitting that we close out the Sound Offs with...

7 Dec 2018

Playing together for a bit over a year, Sydney trio Final Gambithave seized the latter half of 2018 to ramp up the riffs and unleash their punk rock selves to the eyes and ears of the world, most recently with their massive screw you to the desecration of Sydney's cult...

2 Dec 2018

SINGLE: Centrelink Radio
ARTIST: Regular Band

Rage against the metaphorical man with Brissie punks Regular Band and their brand new track 'Centrelink Radio'.

Forged from "the safest, most boring suburbs in Brisbane", Regular Band return to form with this latest buzzer; a...

24 Oct 2018

ALBUM: Griefers
ARTIST: As A Rival

Few can rival the fire that Melbourne rockers As A Rival bring to the party, and their upcoming second full-length 'Griefers' is an assertive adventure that grips, rips and leaves you hanging on its every move. 

The resu...

23 Oct 2018

They're the punks who pour scorching passion into their spitfire tunes; unpredictable, fun and absolute weapons onstage, LA quintet The Bronx have spent over 15 years crafting their heavy-rock-meets-proper-punk wiles while also moonlighting as a legit mariachi band and...

9 Oct 2018

'Tis the spooky season of October, but don't be afraid of things that go bump in the night - embrace all the things that go thump in the night with Halloween Hysteria, the blowout of all things heavy taking place on Saturday October 27th in Brisbane.

Brandished as a cel...

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