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What happens when the lights go off, the applause fades away and the band leaves the stage? These are the stories from every facet of the music industry; from what happens onstage to the media, mental health, mixing desks and more - come behind the scenes with The Soundcheck's Tiana Speter and get to know more about the weird and wonderful world of music.

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On The Road Again

A stomp machine by night and a mental health nurse by day, you can guarantee this is a man with a story or two to tell, and for Episode 1 of Behind The Soundcheck he's chatting touring tips, musical quips and where his creative journey began.

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Finding The Balance

No stranger to balancing colours, creativity and his day-to-day-life, for the second episode of Behind The Soundcheck come jump into the mind of guitarist, videographer and total creative cauldron Adrian Goleby


Creating A Buzz

Publicity's the game and Sammie Anschau is the name. Founder of the independent music PR company Beehive PR, Sammie has become a mainstay in the industry, starting life in the live music arena before eventually finding her home in the hive with her very own company.


Mixing Business With Pleasure

A man as notorious for his fusion licks as he is for his passionate innovation in the studio, Chrispy Town has long been a fixture in the Aussie music industry. But what series of events led this shred-lord to find his home in the music world?


Pimp My Brand

For Episode 5 of Behind The Soundcheck it's business time as guitarist, label king and social media heavyweight Chad Ellis shares his experience and extensive knowledge about all things marketing, social media and actively developing bands in the current music industry.

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Brains, Fame and Musical Feels

For Episode 6 of Behind The Soundcheck, we're jumping head-first into the brain, chatting with clinical psychologist Dr Tania McMahon about how and why we engage with music - plus why so many of us find ourselves infatuated with the people bathed in lights onstage.

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Lights, Management, Action!

Today for Episode 7 of the Behind The Soundcheck podcast we're taking a trip into production and management territory, grabbing some time with lighting wizard and manager extraordinaire (and just all-round lovely human) Will Hunter.

Will Headshot.jpg

Words of Steele

Today we're taking you into the land of music media with an actual industry superhero; boss lady and editor of the Queensland-based site Music Is My Muse, Mimm Steele weaves her love for music and her local QLD scene into a unique and dynamic platform.

Tomika Steele press shot - portrait.jpg

Music & The Everyday

For the second-last episode for season one of Behind The Soundcheck, come dive deep into the rabbit hole as we venture far beyond the stage and studio, joining bass-man and musicology enthusiast Dale Prinsse, looking into how we use music on a day-to-day basis in this modern, digital era.

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Access All Areas

An in-demand photographer by day and mythical muso by night, there's nothing quite like witnessing a man clad in sequins charm your ears and shred your soul like a rogue Backstreet Boy filling in for Slipknot. Come for a jaunt into the world of one of the most dynamic entertainers in the biz  - Jack Venables.

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