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  • Tiana Speter

NEW SINGLE: "Does This Last" (BOO SEEKA)

SONG: Does This Last ARTIST: Boo Seeka

Newcastle duo Boo Seeka have solidly crafted their dreamy electro-meets-soul sound over the years, even clocking in at #50 in the 2015 Hottest 100 (with track 'Deception Bay'). And despite steadily releasing singles left, right and centre, they are yet to gift us with a debut album - but rumour has it that's all about to change later this year. In the meantime the boys dropped a tantalising new track this week called 'Does This Last' - and it's a bit of a beauty.

'Does This Last' is a slightly more mellow outing than previous singles (including the Bollywood hued 'Fool'), but from the get go this new track draws you into a textural wonderland full of euphoric synths and pulsating strings that briefly take me back to The Verve's iconic 'Bittersweet Symphony'.

Perhaps fittingly, it's a bit of a bittersweet journey lyrics-wise with Ben Gumbleton's deliriously smooth vocals weaving across the sensory soundscape questioning "why does this only last for so long?". And while the track feels like a bit of a slow burn initially, it ultimately throws down layer after layer of raw and sultry intensity before building up to a breathless finish.

The boys will be hitting the road overseas before returning home with a string of tour dates all over Oz - but for now you can check out the official audio video for 'Does This Last' below:

SINGLE RELEASE DATE: 23rd February, 2017


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