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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Touch N Go ARTIST: Cheap Fakes Beloved Brissie funk-machines Cheap Fakes have made a solid name for themselves over the years with their bombastic pop/brass/funk/ska infusion that's seen them kick butt at festivals and blow people's socks off all over the country. But just when you thought you'd heard it all, this dapper six-piece have recently dropped their newest single 'Touch N Go' - and it's Cheap Fakes as you've never head them before. Don't despair, there's still a healthy dose of hazy brass and the smooth stylings of frontman Hayden Andrews, but 'Touch N Go' dips its toe into electro-land, with drum and bass pulsing throughout and a psychy-disco vibe kicking round the edges. And while it's quite a huge shift from 2015's ska fuelled 'Modern Vintage', this latest track showcases why the band has been able to maintain their enduring success , with Hayden stating: "We aren't sticking to any genres or styles; we're making music that we want to make...No boundaries... just to see where it goes organically. It's exciting and fresh."

For a peek at the brand new music video for 'Touch N Go', head on over to the band's Facebook page. Otherwise, check out the track below, and keep an eye out for their upcoming fourth studio album. More info below.

FOR MORE INFO CHECK OUT: Website | Facebook | Instagram: @cheapfakes | Soundcloud


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