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  • Tiana Speter

ATTENTION BANDS & ARTISTS: Need A Bio, Press Kit Or More? Read On...

Let's face it: writing or talking about ourselves in a public forum and, more specifically, about our art can be a royal pain in the ass.

But whether you're a rock and roll veteran. an up-and-coming pop prodigy or a diehard DIY bedroom DJ: if you want to throw your hat into the music industry ring ,there are some bare necessities you need up your sleeve to help you put your best foot (and riffs) forward.

While management, PR and other team members are going to be invaluable in your music journey depending on your desired outcome, first impressions and sustaining a band identity are pretty much non-negotiables at this point, regardless of where you are in your career.

That's where The Soundcheck is stepping in. As of 2022, The Soundcheck (aka me, Tiana Speter) has launched a series of creative consultancy packages designed to help celebrate and amplify your creative adventure: from bio writing to suit any occasion, to press kit help and construction, and custom interviews tailored to your needs to help bring your story to life. Here's what's on offer...

Need a bio from scratch, an event-specific blurb or just a refresher?




You only get one chance to make a first impression, and a bio is an absolute essential for any band or artist, no matter what stage of your career. ​ But it's more than just bragging or padding out a resume, and The Soundcheck will capture the essence of your band or project with a custom bio and showcase what makes you stand out from the crowd.

​Whether you're updating your socials, applying for a grant or just need a refresh, there's a length to suit every occasion - and The Soundcheck will cater to your needs. Tiana can refresh your current bio or start entirely from scratch.


Short - approx 150 words or less Medium - approx 300 - 500 words Long - 500+ words

Tiana has been writing artist and corporate biographies since 2007, and has most recently provided biography services for a variety of bands, both established and emerging, since starting The Soundcheck back in 2017. Tiana's sole focus is to create excitement and engagement, backed up by extensive writing, media and music experience.


Need some EPK guidance, some press kit copy or the whole shebang?



​Full Press Kit

A second set of eyes can make all the difference when you're writing, and the same rule applies for a press kit or EPK. ​

Tiana is a certified writing nerd (including being a qualified high school English teacher, and also equipped with a degree in music and writing), and will bring a sharp eye to make sure your material is perfected and ready to be released into the wild.

Already got a press kit template? Or just need some help with what to include in your press kit or EPK? In addition to providing services to write band bios,

Tiana can also help you with specific copy for a press kit, for whatever situation you're looking to promote. Snappy content, memorable pull-quotes and your band's personality are guaranteed.

It's not just bios and general content Tiana can help you out with - in fact, she's got her own press kit template ready to roll, and can provide an entire press kit package so you barely have to lift a finger.

Media assets, key info and structured layouts are all on the table with this option, and Tiana can also discuss some distribution options with you to help your journey to get the good word out there.


Is it time to tell your story to the world? You're in the right hands here.



​No one else has your creative story or your experiences, and no two interviews should ever be the same.​ Tiana will research and craft a custom interview experience for you for any event or preferred length, and may also able to assist with sourcing videographers and editors.

Tiana's extensive experience interviewing some of the biggest names in the musical world (including Tom Morello, Duran Duran, Hans Zimmer and countless others) combines with her love of storytelling and making her subjects totally at ease, ensuring a custom interview for yourself or your band is an unforgettable experience not only for you, but for your fans, both old and new.

A recent example of Tiana's custom interviewing is below with the sensational Jacob Lee. Filmed and edited by Colin Jeffs, coordinated by Lauren Ballie, A&R Manager Philosophical Records.


For more information about The Soundcheck's Creative Consulting packages, head here or click below.


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