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  • Tiana Speter


Well today is the day when Aussie musical movers and shakers from far and wide are descending on Fortitude Valley in Brisbane for four days and nights - yes fellow music lovers, BIGSOUND, aka one of the biggest events on the Aussie music calendar, is back for its seventeenth year! Notorious for launching of some of the country's most successful artists in the past (including Flume, The Temper Trap, A.B Original, Gang of Youths and more), BIGSOUND has been instrumental in uncovering the stars of tomorrow and shaping the future of the industry, and this year The Soundcheck will be showcasing some of the hottest heavy acts who will be slaying the stages at the BIGSOUND 2018 festival showcases. The Soundcheck has been getting "hot and heavy" with some epic up-and-comers in the lead up to this awesome event, and to honour Day 1 of the momentous BIGSOUND conference and festival, today we're chatting with blazing Sydney rockers Bare Bones.


Make some noise for the Bare Bones boys - since their formation in 2013, this hard rockin' Sydney lot have been all party and recklessness, a suspenseful maelstrom of off-kilter guitars and razor sharp vocals. This is sweaty, visceral, and feisty rock music that bears shades of The Bronx at their most relentless.

And with their first BIGSOUND Showcase kicking off tonight, The Soundcheck quickly grabbed the Bare Bones lads to chat diversity, milestones and essential green room etiquette.

  • H - HEAVY AND ALTERNATIVE MUSIC IN AUSTRALIA: Describe the Aussie heavy/alternative music scene in three words: World Class Talent

  • O - OPPORTUNITIES: What made you sign up for BIGSOUND 2018? What opportunities are you hoping will come out of playing at Bigsound? It would be great to network with promoters we have not met or worked with in the past, and show them what Bare Bones is all about. Additional to that, meeting other artists is going to be great, we love talking shop with other artists, and BigSound is a great opportunity to meet new musos from genres/scenes we would not generally be a part of.

  • T - TELL US A SECRET: What’s something no one else knows about your band? Bare Bones started as solo project of our guitarist, JD, and was called ‘Fixed Bayonets’. Thank god we changed the name!

  • A - ADVICE: What’s one piece of advice about the music industry you wish you knew when you first started out? Always wait for the Tour Manager to allocate you your green room….

  • N - NECESSITIES: What are some of your must-have necessities when you’re touring? Top 3 - Hand sanitiser, gaff tape, Sharpie marker. In that order. And special mention to Wet Ones.

  • D - DAY IN THE LIFE: What does a usual day in the life of your band generally consist of? Anytime we are together as a band, you can always guarantee that we will be late to anything, while we waste time trying to find “best coffee near me”.

  • H - HEROES: Who are some of your band’s heroes and musical influences? Heroes - Lemmy, Dimebag, Jimmy Barnes. Influences - Dad Metal and Beer

  • E - EVOLUTION: Where do you see the future of Aussie heavy music heading in the near future? It definitely seems like heavier bands are beginning to diversify. There was a period were every heavier band was trying to “out heavy” each other, it was getting very stagnant. Luckily it appears bands are now drawing on a wider range of influences and we are seeing bands emerging who are presenting something new and unique.

  • A - ABSOLUTE MUST-SEES: What band(s) are you most keen to check out at BIGSOUND 2018 and why? Definitely our mates in Arteries and Wildheart. Also very keen to catch Cable Ties, Moaning Lisa, and of course the one and only Ella Hooper.

  • V - VICTORIES: What’s been your biggest win as a band so far? E.g. an epic gig, great response to a release, or even just band members showing up on-time to rehearsal? Our agent, Jimmy, scored us main support for Stone Sour on their Australian tour, we came straight off that and then landed main support for Rise Against on their Australian tour. Both tours taking in HUGE venues. Slotting in with this we also played with Prophets of Rage, meaning we played the Hordern Pavilion 3 times in a 6 month period, ha!

  • Y - YEAR AHEAD: What’s your band got planned for the next twelve months? Bunker down and record our second full length record, hopefully score some more ripper shows along the way!



Tuesday 4th September - Crowbar Brisbane - 10:30pm - 11:00pm

Wednesday 5th September - The Zoo - 8:00pm - 8:30pm





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