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  • Tiana Speter

EXCLUSIVE: Indie punks Down For Tomorrow share their 5 Isolation Discoveries!

If you're a fan of some snap and crackle with your tunes, chances are you'll love (or already adore) Sydney indie-punks Down For Tomorrow. Already hometown heroes for their jangly rock and unabashed honesty, Down For Tomorrow are diamonds in the rough who can snarl a head-banger as easily as they can hit you in the feels, as seen most recently on their melodic pearler Emily:

Teaming up with Stevie Knight (Stand Atlantic, Yours Truly, The Dead Love), Emily proves yet again that Down For Tomorrow can whip up angst and awe with alluring ease. But with isolation currently the norm and many people craving new things to get them by, today the gents very kindly dug into their iso listening histories and busted out some of the bands that are helping them through the quarantine life. Need new tunes to add to your day? Sure you do, even if it's just to be the soundtrack for you changing out of one pair of pyjamas and into a fresh set. So come check out who Down For Tomorrow are crushing on in isolation!



Pic by Will Johnstone

We have some mates up in banana bending Brisbane that made a rad punk tune called ‘Apartment’. It’s fun, it’s angsty, and it pairs well with your daily quarantine activities. Danny was kind enough to let us crash at his apartment when we came up to play at Mountain Goat Valley Crawl and gave us a brilliant cherry popping experience of the valley! While we have the time on our hands, go chuck their debut single on repeat, and go see them at a show once we’re all allowed to leave our homes.



Pic by Daniel Sutherland

My goodness, these two are just the complete works. They have talent, humour, personality, character, great songs, and a live show that will make you fall head over heels in love with them as musicians and people. Their dreamy nostalgic punk goodness is a beautiful soundtrack for many occasions, and since the government won’t let you see them for a while, you may as well listen to their songs religiously so you know them like the back of your hands when their next shows roll around!



We’ve seen these legends out and about, supporting mates at local shows and being extremely friendly and enthusiastic legends. Another Electric Sun graduate band, these guys deliver a sweat-soaked pop-punk hook in ‘The Henry Lawson Jive’. If you’re feeling that kick of energy, slip your old skool vans on, dig out the oversized skater T-shirt, and start a one person mosh pit in your room with this on full blast.



Grungy surfy gritty punk to make you reminiscent of the times you could hit up the beach with your mates, have a surf up or down the coast, or spend your remaining nine dollars on a schooey at the local. We’ve had this band on rotation on our libraries since we heard ‘Home’, and are just waiting for the day their name lands on a bill with the likes of Hockey Dad and Dear Seattle. Put the earbuds in and give their music a spin on your next legal shopping trip.



Pic by Noah van der Veer

Unique. That’s the first word I could think of to describe this band. They’re different, creative, unpredictable, and we’re all for it. We got to see a bit of their set at Mountain Goat Valley Crawl after we played, and we were damn impressed. Their music shows they’re capable of taking risks many other bands would shy away from, fantastic and innovative song writing. Best consumed in one consecutive binge so you see the full potential across their catalogue of songs, go give 100 a listen.




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