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  • Tiana Speter

EXCLUSIVE: Dream Rider, Silky Roads Edition!

Give in to your wooziest daydreams and come let the brand newie from Sydney indie rockers Silky Roads ooze into your soul. A sunny slice of all things psychedelic and nice, the latest track Caramel Slice from this whimsical bunch finds the quartet draped in fuzz; but also at their most technically potent yet.

Already incredibly well-versed in concocting sinuous psych-pop in quite a short space of time, Silky Roads are a must visit for fans of Ocean Alley, Lime Cordiale and Mako Road; and there is plenty more decadent bliss on the horizon, with plans for more Silky Road new tunes to come. But today to celebrate their latest sonic delight, Silky Roads share their dream rider, boasting all of the essentials (and a non-negotiable sweet treat for good measure). Check it out below!



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