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  • Tiana Speter

EXCLUSIVE: Transcontinental duo Dutch Monks bust out a Dream Rider in honour of their new tune!

With science squarely to thank for their future musical endeavours, transcontinental duo Dutch Monks have returned with a follow-up to their debut track Colour Blind with laidback flavours lying in wait on their sophomore single Never! Not Anyone.

Forming while conducting medical research at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Dutch Monks (aka Aussie Jesse Rudd-Schmidt and Dutch pianist Thijs Flinsenberg) have continued to strengthen their musical bond on their brand new tune, with Never! Not Anyone drizzling piano licks and pop stylings beneath an ode to unrequited love.

Never! Not Anyone’ is the first song that Thijs and I composed together. We had sat down to jam for the first time, and with Thijs being classically trained I was a bit self-conscious about my lack of formal musical knowledge and really had no idea what to play… But then I remembered I had this old song idea that I had always wanted to hear with piano...I started playing the intro chords and Thijs just straight away came up with a piano line not far removed from what you hear in the final recording! It just worked. It was such a beautiful experience hearing the song come to life, as the lyrics and the basic chord structure had been with me for about 15 years. We kept playing for hours that night and it was such an enjoyable experience for both of us, working through the different parts of this song, trying various ideas together. It really forged the beginning of our musical relationship. Six months later we had composed enough material for a full album!” - Jesse Rudd-Schmidt (guitar/vocals)

Inspired by the likes of Eskimo Joe and Fleetwood Mac, Never! Not Anyone is yet another glimpse into the pair's duo album due out next month. But in celebration of the recent single, today Jesse shares the Dutch Monks Dream Rider for when live touring gets back underway. Read on below!




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