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EXCLUSIVE: What movies would the new Faith In Lies single burn up most? The boys share their picks!

In fantastic 2020 news for a change, hard-hitting supergroup Faith In Lies have returned with an absolute barn-burner in the form of the caustic new track Burn Me which officially hit all streaming platforms today, while also introducing a brand new vocalist to the fray.

Since unleashing their blasting debut single I Can't Close My Eyes, Faith In Lies have ignited another crushing delight boasting brutality and beauty on their latest tune Burn Me which revels in thrashing metalcore madness while also introducing a brand new voice in the form of current FIL vocalist Dan Greig's brother James.

"We had always intended to invite Dan’s brother, James to guest vocal on this song because he fronts an insane band from down south called Path Of Victory, and we were sure that his style would fit well in the mix. But when he and Dan rolled in to track vocals at the studio, you could sensethat something morewas about to happen, and once they started tracking their individual parts, the energy was electric and the vocal lines sounded huge. That’s the moment that we knew we had to get Jimmy into thefold on a more permanent basis as a full time second vocalist. We’re just relieved that he and Dan don’t have some crazy sibling rivalry going on and stoked that the pairing of the Greigbrothers works for us in every way possible!" - Hamish Unahi, guitarist

And while the latest Faith In Lies track is a thumping journey into pain and redemption, it ain't all doom and gloom; in fact, today in honour of the brand new track Burn Me we grabbed the band to share their top 5 movie soundtracks that their brand new tune could feature on. Read on below!


Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas because Johnny Depp’s character is embracing self-destruction like a proper rock star!

Even though it was a terrible movie not even worth watching, Burn Me could easily suit the original Spawn OST because a badass double crossed assassin makes a deal with the devil to suffer and serve in return of going back to earth as Spawn to see his wife.

Any of the movies from the Saw series because the crux of those hectic films is to endure pain to redeem yourself.

Nightmare On Elm Street due to Freddy’s medically undiagnosed allergy to fire.

Cheech and Chong because……. Well, the dude in the Burn Me music video rips a big doobie :)



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