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EXCLUSIVE: Sydney punks FANGZ share their Top 5 Up-and-Coming Artists

Seismic Sydney punks FANGZ are no strangers to crafting catchy and charismatic punk rock gems (and the odd Adidas tracksuit or two). And while technically a new band on the scene, the band are by no means rookies when it comes to the whacky music world, starting life when Cancer Bats frontman Liam Cormier lit the spark that would eventually lead to this rollicking Sydney quartet. And since that fateful meeting, the FANGZ lads have gone on to whip the heavy world into a frenzy in ferociously affable fashion, most recently seen with their boisterous new music video for their tune Falling Out:

But when they aren't shredding their punky spice into ears all over the globe, what bands are catching the eyes and ears of the FANGZ gents? Today we've got FANGZ guitarist Sam Sheumack sharing his very own Top 5 Up-and-Coming artists for you to get amongst. Check it out below!



Down For Tomorrow are one of those young bands that every time you see them play live, they only get better. Down For Tomorrow serve up a tasty fresh mix of pop-punk and grunge, seeking influence from bands such as Kisschassy, Green Day and The Dead Love. We’ve seen them grow from being a young support band, to owning rooms at their own headline shows and blowing our dicks off. Not only are they a great live band, they’re also extremely active in the live scene, constantly bringing the vibe and just being general legends. I think the boys hold some kind of record for the most stage dives in a Dead Love set- but then again, I could have just made that up.

Tune to check out: Thanks To You



pic by Sian Sandilands Photography

Lucid are a sick up and coming band hailing from the Hawkesbury. We first saw them when they supported our EP launch at The Chippo in July last year. They absolutely killed it. A great mix of pop punk all the way to post hardcore, combining not only great songwriting and musicianship, but with virtuosity, with the guitarist (Ryan) doing the old “play guitar solo behind head trick because playing normally is boring trick”. We were also particularly impressed by the singer (Kiera’s) drinking ability, mentioning to us that she was incredibly nervous, and proceeded to nail 5 shots of bourbon, then got up and didn't miss a note thru her whole set. Tune to check out: On the Line



Captives are one of our favourite bands to listen to when we want to smash a beer on our head and get amped for an evening. We were first exposed to Captives when they acquired their new bass player, Tommy, who we had several great shows together with our previous bands. Captives are the perfect blend of balls to the wall riffy AF punk rock and with super hooky anthemic choruses. We’ve been threatening to tour together for a while. We really should get on to that. All I can say is prepare your livers for when we do. Tune to check out: Tommy Gun



Blussh, hailing from Brisbane QLD, are an all-female grunge-punk band and are one of our favourite bands we’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with. With a mutual love for Tym’s guitar pedals, and obscure Simpsons quotes, we knew we would get along just fine. Their live show is highly entertaining, fuzz filled riffy goodness, and a mix of super catchy lyrics. I mean who doesn’t love shouting “BIG DONG, BIG DONG” 20 times in a song right? Mark our words, these girls kick ass and will kick your ass also! Tune to check out: Shut Up Becky



Old Town first messaged us the day after we supported Cancer Bats at Crowbar Sydney last year saying something along the lines of “Oi cum to Brisbane and play a show with us you dickheads, we saw you play last night you rule!” A few hours later the supports were announced for the Bare Bones Rival Minds and we just sent them a screengrab with a comment saying, “see you there dildos ;)”. We’ve been mates ever since. These guys fucking just simply rule, riffy, heavy, groovy. Everything you could want and nothing you don’t. Check them out. Seriously. As they say in their bio: “Come Join the Riff Club”. Tune to check out: King of the Gutter




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