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EXCLUSIVE: Kingswood share their fave country and roots releases to celebrate a special new album!

Think you've heard every trick up the sleeves of Melb rockers Kingswood? While the group's most recent outing, aka the brisk and crunchy Juveniles released back in March, was an undeniable success (carving a place at #13 on the ARIA Albums Chart), the innovative quartet have turned this career-defining release into something entirely unexpected - and downright beautiful.

With the madness of 2020 continuing to lower expectations and joy worldwide as the year has worn on, it’s already a massive coup not with Kingswood unleashing their strongest release to date during the early days of the pandemic with Juveniles; and the absolute icing on the Kingswood 2020 cake arrived today with the release of the band's re-imagined version of the album, with Reveries taking its predecessor and fiercely swapping the harder rock sounds for some country and roots flavours in a warm and intimate outing.

Coming together during Victoria's lockdown, with the band hunkered down in North Melbourne's Newmarket Studios, Kingswood teamed up on Reveries with Emmy Award-winning, BAFTA-nominated engineer Guus Hoevenaars (Woodes, Scissor Sisters), as well as the band's "fifth Beatle" Eddie Spear on mixing and mastering duties from his Nashville studio. And while end result may be somewhat unexpected after the harder-hitting Juveniles earlier in the year, Reveries in fact returns to the core of the Kingswood roots while also exploring some of the music and genres the band have always been drawn to on professional and personal levels.

This music is a collection of songs that were born from certain and specific emotional reflection, rumination and ponder. On Juveniles, once complete with the writing phase, they took on the form of a rich and dedicated rock and roll album; nuanced and thoroughly investigated, but didn’t originate as such. Reveries highlights those moments of inception and is an entirely alternate universe. More intimate and perhaps with more personal insight due to what is really being highlighted.” - KINGSWOOD

Featuring additional instrumentation courtesy of some Melbourne Symphony Orchestra musicians, Reveries ultimately offers an endearing and refreshing insight into a band already in full command of their bustling sonic identity. And today to celebrate the unveiling of Reveries, frontman Fergus Linacre shares some of his favourite country and roots artists and releases that shaped this latest journey. Read on below!


Listening to this album is as close as I get to meditation, my late brothers' father in law, Pete, sings a superb Unknown Legend, I learnt from him how to play that song before I heard the album (its only two chords give it a crack). I think the title track is one of the most beautiful songs ever recorded and perfectly encapsulates the power of Neils voice, hits you right down to the core. Put this album on whilst you cook your love dinner and dance them around the kitchen, a little slice of happiness. 



This album is magical, not only for the song writing and the superb production, but how lucky we are to have found two souls that have such chemistry. No one could predict this album being made. The singer from Led Zeppelin teams up with a country gem to make an incredibly beautiful and heartfelt record. I love that Plant has evolved in the way he sings, maintaining his power without screaming and belting out the high stuff. This one pairs well with a glass of nice whiskey or bourbon, and a smoke if you wish.



I came across this record after hearing Bon Iver cover ‘Coming Down’, for like a version, I thought it was such a beautiful song and still play his version to prove to any morons that saxophone still has a place in modern music. Mitchell is supremely talented, and has such a unique style of crafting songs, her phrasing and the way she uses her voice as an instrument drawing on what feels like Gaelic influences. ‘Shepherd’ is truly heartbreaking so be careful. Listen to this album outdoors, in the sunshine, of you so have it.



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