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EXCLUSIVE: What songs inspired MANE + her stunning new EP? Come find out!

Gifting a sonic balm of resplendent rejuvenation, Adelaide songstress MANE captures life's storms into a dazzling celebration of strength and self-discovery on her brand new EP Coping Mechanisms.

Unveiling at a particularly poignant moment in time as the world wearies from uncertainty and unrest, MANE's brand new release delivers confident indie pop stylings in a sharp and glossy coat, equally poised and painstakingly intimate throughout its journey of six tracks.

"Coping Mechanisms follows the journey of trying times, mental health and the moments of strength in between. It’s a reminder to myself and to anyone else going through something difficult that we all have the strength in us to overcome hard times and welcome personal growth. I’ve always inherently felt things very deeply and fortunately for the better part of the last 10 years I’ve been able to have an outlet for that in my music - hence the EP title ‘Coping Mechanisms’. I’m so proud of this body of work and I can only hope that it can resonate and help those travelling through a similar chapter of their life" - MANE

Recorded at Shed Studios in Melbourne and produced/mixed by John Castle (Angie McMahon, Hatchie), Coping Mechanisms continues the sensational journey MANE has carved armed with hard-hitting indie pop impossible to resist. But just what tunes inspired MANE on this latest musical adventure? Today MANE shares the artists and songs that inspired this lush new EP. Set your senses to swoon!


Florence & The Machine - Hunger

Florence has always been a huge influence in my music. Hunger is anthemic and moving and driven powerfully with her vocal. 

Gang Of Youths - Keep Me In The Open 

The first time I heard this song I was on a train in Germany travelling between Cologne and Lübeck. It’s incredibly delicate and full of heartbreak.

Gordi - On My Side

I love Gordi. I think the pop sensibilities within her music are of such taste. I’m a big fan of her Album Reservoir and it was something I listened to often leading up to writing the songs on my EP. 

King Princess - 1950

The production on this song is a delight and the vocals are like honey. This song was definitely something I referenced a lot in the writing process.

Laurel - Lovesick 

I had the pleasure of seeing Laurel play at big pineapple. She is just as good live if not better and this song was the highlight of her set for me. 

Mansionair - Falling

I love how soft the delivery of this song is yet feels so powerful. Probably one of my favourite love songs I’ve heard in the past couple years. 

Mitski - Your Best American Girl 

I did a writing session with Chris Collins in 2019 and we spent a bit of time listening to Mitski before writing. I love how gentle it starts out and how epic the guitars swell, layer and build throughout. 

Imogen Heap - Hide And Seek

I remember when I first heard this song on an episode of The OC.  Ever since then it’s a song I’ve always come back too. I love the vocoder effect on the vocals and that’s something we drew from specifically for over & over. 

St Vincent - Los Ageless

The Chorus in this song is written exceptionally.  St Vincent is a boss and I love just about every song she has ever released. 

Lorde - Liability

I love the honesty and how raw the vocals are in this track. When I first heard it I had to listen to it again and again despite the very emotional journey it takes you on. 



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