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  • Tiana Speter

EXCLUSIVE: Dreamy Byron Bay rockers Seaside share their Top 5 Up-and-Coming Artists

Merging pop with a post-punk soul, Byron Bay-based indie rockers Seaside recently swung deeper into shimmering yet sulky shoegaze territory with their hypnotic ditty Shame, produced by the band themselves and mixed by Paul Pilsneniks (The Mars Volta, Boy & Bear, Silverchair). And while Seaside's latest tune offers up a glistening array of reverb, lively beats and lustrous vocals, Shame also ultimately strikes an eerily relevant thematic tone, with the track exploring standing together to create positive change in a world where those in power tend to fall short in times of crisis.

Leaving a run of sold out headline shows and supports alongside Last Dinosaurs, Angus and Julia Stone, Lime Cordiale (plus a heap of festivals) in their wake, Seaside fans won't have to wait long to catch a glimpse of the group in action from a safe distance, with the promise of an accompanying music video for Shame on its way. But for now, come get to know some of Seaside's favourite up-and-coming artists, with their Top 5 favourites below!



pic by Luke Henery

A powerhouse of a band and fronted by the sweetest lady ever. We’ve watched them grow into these incredible performers, Eliza’s voice and stage presence is so beautiful and to make it even better, they’re lovely people too.



pic by Daniel Sutherland

Two good friends of ours, they are high energy and the most wholesome humans. This translates well into their show and every time I’ve seen them, I just watch in awe at how good they both are, how catchy their songs are and their special connection as mates. 10/10 recommend.



pic by Seamus Platt

Our paths have crossed many a time over the last 12 months and every time we see them it’s been so good to hang out together and catch their set! Great guys and even better music. Their music has great dynamics both recorded and live and we look forward to seeing them kill it even more this year.



pic by Seamus Platt

These young and sweet people from Brisbane remind me of the 90’s. They have a balanced sound of nostalgia, melancholy and modern. We first heard them when ‘I Can’t See You Anymore’ was released and I don’t think that line has ever left my head since.



pic by Tim Fenby

Chris first showed me this album and I was silent through the entire thing. It’s like the songs wove their way into my body and out my ears. The sweeping guitars and soothing voice, mixed with some crazy good melodies- it’s easy to see that this guy is going places. If you haven’t heard his album, go and listen, you won’t be sorry.




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