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EXCLUSIVE: Hypnotic duo Trace Decay share their Top 5 Up-and-Coming Artists

In fitting fashion for the current state of the world, Melbourne due Trace Decay bring lashings of introspection to the dream-pop realm with their recent tune Sad Dance. Offering a throbbing slice of indie rock laced with dance-ready rhythmics, the deft balance between melancholy and cathartic release shines brilliantly through on the track which was produced and mixed by frontman Jorden De Pas and Edvard Hakansson (IV Leage, Jack Grace), and mastered by Malcolm Besley of Northeast Party House:

Continuing from a hectic 2019 for the pair, with releases, headline shows and supports alongside Art Vs. Science, San Mei and Shag Rock, Trace Decay are forging ahead amidst a very different industry in a COVID-19 2020 reality, with new tunes and eventual live shows on the near horizon. But for now, we grabbed some of their favourite up-and-coming artists they're digging at the moment, check it out below!



(Jordan) – I’ve known Bryce Schneider aka Royal & The Southern Echo for most of my musical career as we both started around the same time back in Brisbane playing in Blink 182 inspired bands. I’ve seen his journey from the beginning and his most recent work for Royal & The Southern Echo is truly special and unique and his best work to date. He has such an incredible ear for interesting vocal melodies and writing extremely catchy pop songs. I had the pleasure of catching Royal & The Southern Echo at BIGSOUND last year and they were easily one of my highlights. This is someone to keep an eye on in 2020 as he is poised for a special year!



pic by Paige Clark

We recently had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Melbourne five-piece half/cut and we were blown away. Lead singer Jesse Warren has one of the most beautiful voices in the Melbourne indie scene atm and managed to keep us fully invested from start to finish. Their sound can best be described as a washed-out dreamy stroll through a multi layered and cinematic landscape with delicate guitar licks lulling you into a sense of wonder. Half/cut have been around for a couple years, but they are still one of the most interesting bands I’ve heard in a long time!



Nic aka Quiet Blue is very fresh on the Australian music scene with only a couple tracks available on Spotify, however he has got an extremely promising future. His sound is best descried as indie-folk inspired electronica with a touch of RnB & Soul for good measure. I remember Nic first showing me his debut single a couple weeks before it was released, and I was blown away. He is a master at creating ambient environments with layered and lush vocal harmonies similar to Matt Corby and Honne. He’s only 23 and has a lot of music lined up which I’m extremely excited about. He also helps out with the Trace Decay live show providing us with some fat bass lines and backing vocals ;)



I’m a huge fan of acts like Beach House so when I first heard Micra at BIGSOUND 2019 I was blown away. They haven’t been around for long but I’m already all in on them. They have a knack for writing and producing such dreamy synth inspired bedroom-pop. Lead singer Ivana’s heavily reverbed and gentle voice reminds me so much of Beach House but still different enough to be interesting/ unique. If you haven’t heard of them before I highly recommend listening to their track ‘Fuzz Captain’ and trying to get to one of their shows. You won’t regret it!



pic by Tom Lewis

We were lucky enough to play alongside Prettything as part of the SAN MEI tour at the end of 2019 and it goes without saying, we were blown away. At the time I didn’t realise it was the side project of Ivy League’s lead singer Bella. Her voice is otherworldly, and it caught everyone’s attention in the venue. The only negative from this was we had to play directly after her and that’s one tough act to follow. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more releases from this Melbourne based artist. Big things coming for her.




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