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  • Tiana Speter

EXCLUSIVE: Afro-Australian legends True Vibenation share their Top 5 Up-and-Coming Artists

pic by Erin Mueller

A three-man good-vibe-machine and a captivating blend of captivating tradition and modern bliss awaits all who happen upon the sonic stylings of Afro-Australia trio True Vibenation. Based in Sydney's inner-west but entwining their cultural souls into a heady mix of afrobeat sounds, traditional instrumentation and modern timbres, the layers of diversity, snappy arrangements and infectious melodics pulsing on every True Vibenation tune has endeared the group all over the globe - a fact that has allowed their songwriting to both capture and stem beyond their Aussie roots, seen most recently on their bubbling tune You Don't Love Me (You Love My Guitar):

And while their latest track found inspiration while playing at a festival in Zimbabwe, what else is inspiring this catchy bunch? Today the True Vibenation gents are sharing their top 5 up-and-coming artists that will definitely smooth out your playlists with a bunch of good vibes. Check them out below!



We met at on the way to subsonic festival with Kid Fiction on the driving duties and got along straight away. Fast forward a few years and, snap! She’s making seriously soulful music and has a killer voice that draws you in before you even realise what’s happening. Definitely one to watch.



An absolute weapon in our eyes in terms of both producing and song writing, every tune he drops is fire and we cannot wait to see what he has planned for the future.



Kuluz supported for us at the Beresford show this year, and while we did our research it wasn’t till we saw him live that we caught the vibe properly. Conscious lyrics, dope production and a killer performance, he ticked all the boxes and is set to create some serious heat in the future.



Apart from being one of the nicest people you may ever meet, Soma has an incredible tone to her voice and some serious talent, which we’ve discovered from many inner-west jams and open mics. A mix of jazz and soul and some goddess vibes going on, definitely one to keep an eye on!



pic by Adam Scarf Photography

Jannah has more credits on dope records than I think most people realise. A fantastic writer, improviser, rapper and singer, Jannah has such infectious energy and talent. She has got to be one of the most underrated musicians in

Sydney, though if you live in Sydney, chances are you’ve heard her voice or seen her perform somewhere!




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