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  • Tiana Speter

EXCLUSIVE: Citizen Kay's Top 5 Up-and-Coming Artists

Armed with a brand-new music video for his critically-praised track Funny Business feat. Genesis Owusu, Citizen Kay has started off 2020 in slinky smooth style with his funk-soaked ways bubbling to the brim with on his latest release. And as a sturdy pillar in the music world, touring extensively with the likes of Public Enemy, Run The Jewels, Illy, Seth Sentry and more, who better to share with us his picks for some killer up-and-coming artists to stir up your playlists!


Consistently garnering acclaim for his lush tunes, including ongoing triple j rotation, Spotify playlist additions, and ARIA award nominations for albums Demokracy and With The People, Canberra-based Citizen Kay is an artist well versed in how to turn ears and heads in the music world. And with his latest release Funny Business featuring Genesis Owusu, Citizen Kay has brought yet another sinuous tune to life with the release of his accompanying music video directed by long-time collaborator Nic Vevers that takes a fun but measured shot at mainstream media in delightfully retro fashion.

But just what artists are captivating this hypnotic hip hop legend's attention of late? Well, today you're in for a treat with Citizen Kay sharing his very own Top 5 Up-and-Coming artists for you to spice up your playlists - check them out below!



I first came across Groovy Daughter when she approached me to do some work on her music. I instantly became a huge fan when I heard her sing. She’s one of those artists that deceived/surprised me a little - I misjudged the pure power behind her voice because she seemed so sweet in appearance. She’s emotionally raw but incredibly polished vocally; someone who clearly has talent but also ‘sharpens her axe’ and doesn’t take her voice for granted which I respect incredibly.



Rising rapper & artist, someone who’s constantly challenging himself musically and creatively. I’ve learned to expect the unexpected from him - every song is carefully approached and catered to with immense intent. It’s been hella tight seeing him continue to grow and develop as an artist and also push to better himself in all aspects - the hustle in this guy is admirable to say the least. If we all had even a little of the passion & determination to execute that Kirklandd has, we’d all be so much better off.



Neko Pink - a synth pop act destined to do big things in my opinion. Vocalist, Africa, has an undeniable presence both on record and live at shows as producer Angus lays the tasty ass foundation. Even though they haven't been doing it for too long, they came out the gate swinging in my books and I can’t wait to see them resonate even further with fans and audiences.

pic by Izaäk Bink



This is a band you HAVE to see live. I don’t even wanna try explain them - each individual in the band brings their own distinct energy which melds into its own explosive experience on stage. From day dot of coming across them, I’ve been a massive fan and couldn’t be more excited to watch their come-up. I feel like they put it all out there every single time and they’re probably up there as one of my top live acts.



I actually approached Kirrah many, many years ago to collaborate with me and she kind of brushed me haha, but years later my dreams came true and she blessed one of my tracks, ‘For Me’, with her vocals. When it comes to undeniable talent and work ethic, she is right up there. Her blend of pop, RnB, soul and islander music always catches me, and I love it! I’m blessed to be close with her and can’t wait for the rest of the world to get some Kirrah Amosa in their lives!



pic by Michelle Grace Hunder


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