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  • Tiana Speter

FAVE 5: R&B legend Antoine shares his fave 5 up-and-comers in honour of his new tune!

Using the word "smooth" is an absolute understatement when it comes to describing the gooey flow of Melb-based artist Antoine. Armed to the teeth with placid soundscapes, hypnotic synths and effortless vocals, Antoine's dazzling debut track One Time balances commanding poise with influences of the rapping royalty variety peaking in the bridge à la PartyNextDoor, Drake and Bow Wow.

Springing to life after being sent the beats by his producer forever ago, One Time not only signals the start of something special for Antoine as he embarks on a journey to bring back some old-school R&B to the masses; it also hints at an incredible family background, with a family of musicians hailing from Mauritius, East Africa and Italy (plus a multi-instrumentalist father and an 80s R&B vocalist mother). With a new video on the horizon for Antoine's debut track ready to tantalise ears all over town, there's a lot to get keen on from this killer new talent - but for now, come jump into Antoine's world a bit more as he shares his fave 5 up-and-coming artists (including some killer fellow Melbourne talent). Go check 'em out below!



pic: Paul Mulligan

This guy is the undisputed GOAT with the silliest, most effortless voice ever. The smoothest R&B tunes to those electro vibes to make you bounce. Blush’ko is definitely the GOAT.



Producer/engineer from West Melbourne. The talented man has worked with a lot of artists from Melbourne, slowly becoming go to urban producer. A great guy and huge talent.



Clariyah is probably one of the most baddest rappers I’ve heard period. She’s been dope for a long time and continues to deliver. Couple recent tracks have been off the chain. Big fan!



Poly rapper from West Melbourne. Always keeping it a buck and spitting real shit. Like mental health, and always pushing his anti-violence narrative in his community, which I think is huge. Shout out Nomad.



Big fan of Jerome Farah. His last couple of solo drops have been really powerful, especially in the black community. So big love for what he’s doing out here.



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