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FAVE 5: Hypnotic Gold Coast artist Black Rabbit George unveils his fave up and coming artists!

With a gliding, gooey wave of psychedelic folk that'll stick in your ears and rupture your soul, Gold Coast-based Black Rabbit George is an artist full of hazy poise, dazzling melodics and hypnotic rhythmics, seen most recently on his self-produced and mixed tune Fingers Radio. And while the motivating isolation Black Rabbit George conjured into this stunning track came long before COVID-19 made isolation mandatory, the end result is an enthralling venture for this new incarnation from Tijuana Cartel's guitarist, singer and songwriter Paul George.

Cinematic in its textures with a sweeping sonic soul, Fingers Radio marks another step closer to Black Rabbit George's new album Warren set for release on August 28. And while absolutely begging to perch beneath a Tarantino montage with it's surf rock-meets-psychedelic folk flair, Fingers Radio continues the Black Rabbit's lust for guitar and storytelling in bewitching fashion. And today the man himself has stepped up to share some of his current band crushes, with his Fave 5 up-and-coming bands below to brighten your day!



pic: Joseph Crackett

I have my ex-girlfriend to thank for this one. Sometimes heart break doesn’t leave you with much, but a good playlist counts for a lot. The whole thing is sexy, iconoclastic and laden with raunchy guitars and fifteen flavours. All the good things music should be. It sounds like eating a burger at 3am and getting bitten by stranger from behind. All the good things.



He lost an entire album off a reel to reel tape player. There’s something kind of legendary in that. His music sounds like he went on a camping trip with Keith Richards. There’s everything from honky tonk pianos to 12 string blues guitar. There are quality singer song writers getting around Brisbane city and this is one of the most interesting. To me J B is as essential to Brisbane music as the Casino is to Brisvegas. 



From a producer’s point of view, the production is depressingly sublime. From a song writers’ point of view, there are apparently chords that go together I’ve never heard of before. It sounds like Melbourne got self-reflective and had no choice but to channel its rage into alternative pop. The albums are filled with some of Melbourne’s best and most interesting musicians.



pic: Andrew Gough

I’ve seen him swaggering this way around the sunny Gold Coast for a few years, but it seems his songs of hearts and hope are playing the slow game and about to spread like an exotic strain of flu. Though, definitely less deadly and way more musical. He has a voice that could bring a depressed man down from the ledge and he plays mean Banjo too



Justin has been a fixture in every venue in Fremantle, even the old Gaol as a tour guide, for possibly longer than I’ve been touring. So, calling him ‘up and coming’ is possibly a bit rich, but after a few drinks I try and push his sublime storytelling to every unwitting publican I meet outside of West Aus. These are songs of Australia that make you remember we live here. Songs of convicts and unknown troubles on folky strings.



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