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  • Tiana Speter

FAVE 5: Indie rockers Creo share some of their current musical crushes!

With glossy soundscapes and driving melodics, Sydney trio Creo are an ongoing potent force in the Aussie indie rock world. Cut from the similar cloth of the likes of Foals and Kasabian, Creo relish in their highly honed world as purveyors of class and charm. And while their touring rap sheet boasts the likes of Nothing But Thieves, British India, Polish Club and more, their most recent track Juliet marks yet another confident step into engaging intricacy and compelling craftsmanship.

Mixed and produced by Nathan Sheehy (Birds of Tokyo, Dune Rats, The Vanns), Juliet offers a personal reflection into the group's hometown as they melodically mourn the dwindling spark of their beloved Sydney amongst a lush and vivacious sonic setting. But despite the poignant ruminations, this ain't no melancholic affair, with Creo aptly balancing pathos with passion in their own magnetic way. And today in honour of their latest release, Creo are busting out their favourite 5 local artists for you to get to know better. With a huge range of genre diversity kicking around, come find your new musical crush below, Creo-style!



pic by Cole Bennetts

The 5-piece group are going to be the next big thing to come out of Australia. They write stunning indie-pop music with credibility. They have an infectious positive energy that just makes you want to jump on their deservedly growing bandwagon.



Bakers Eddy are those New Zealand fellas that Australia calls their own. These guys, now based in Melbourne, write loud, fast, dirty, hooky punk rock. One hell of a band to watch live, and their social media game is wicked. They’re fucking loose (in a good way).



Jaguar Jonze is unique, in the coolest way possible. Deena Lunch writes dark and melancholic music. Her voice is secretive, her guitar lines are strikingly rich and the rhythm section is just groove central. Her single Rising Sun is one of the most impressive songs to come out of 2020.



Pic by Kazuya Yoshino

These guys are, in their own unique way, fusing rock and hip-hop. Imagine the poetry of Eddy Current Suppression Ring but with At The Drive In as the rhythm section. These guys are just super creative, visually and musically.



Astrodeath are the sludgiest, stoner rock duo to hail from Sydney, Australia. Their sound is raw, powerful and fuck-off brutal. Definitely for fans of Every Time I Die, Kyussand The Bronx. Check out their track Humanoid Slave.



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