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FAVE 5 ROUND 2: Sydney indie punks Down For Tomorrow are back sharing more fave up-and-coming bands!

pic: Robbie Walcott

With their shiny new tune Trouble Prone out causing a charming ruckus in the world, Sydney indie punks Down For Tomorrow are anything but troubled as they continue their musical journey with glossy guitars and impassioned vulnerability on their latest release.

Simultaneously releasing an accompanying music video for Trouble Prone, offering a love letter to 90s cult dark comedies like Snatch and Trainspotting, Down For Tomorrow have outdone themselves with their knack for welding heavy effervescence with raw narratives and bold pop tenacity. And while it's only been a few months since we last checked in with DFT to catch their fave 5 up-and-comers, today they're back for Round 2, sharing some of the bands they're getting stuck into in these crazy, crazy times. Check them out below!


There’s been far too many good bands we’ve found ourselves listening to these last three months.

So much so, that on top of the 5 bands we talked about in April, we’re going to give you ANOTHER 5 bands that we’ve been absolutely frothing this quarantine period!


Sweaty sing-alongs and songs that wrap you tight in a warm embrace, Semantics are doing Brisbane very proud with their gritty, angst-fuelled punk music. SDE has been on repeat in our libraries, and we’re beyond excited to listen to their new single Bluelight until the lyrics are physically engraved into our skulls. If you like bands like Bugs and Basement, definitely give this group a listen.



Yeah, we all absolutely frothed Mr. Zil when that one came out. It’s dirty and feisty, and we’re ALWAYS suckers for distorted bass and vocals. We first heard Stupid Baby’s music during a road trip down to Melbourne for a show, and their weirdness just stood out – music needs weirdness and out-of-the-ordinary moments – so thank you Stupid Baby for reminding us that there are no rules in the game of music.



pic: James Adams

Whether it’s King Street Crawl, Bad Friday, BIGSOUND, or The Lansdowne, you can rest assured Johnny Hunter will put on a fucking show. Their on-stage charisma and energy compliments and enriches their thrilling and interesting music, and it’s no surprise they are fast becoming one of Sydney’s greatest bands. Have a listen to Try As You May, and Hollow Man, and fall head first in love with this wonderous band.



pic: Shannan Stewart

We first met these dudes at Frankies, when we opened for Dear Seattle, and we watched as the crowd grew large and interested when these guys took the stage. This was prior to their EP Gravis coming out, and they managed to win us over with unashamedly Australian story-telling punk rock. Seeing them go on to do what they’ve done now is heart-warming to say the least. Sly Withers are a band you absolutely must have in your catalogue if you dig bands like The Smith Street Band and Kisschasy.



Starting and finishing this list in Queensland, Beddy Rays had already established themselves as a thriving Aussie punk band before Sobercoaster blew our fucking minds; having supported the likes of Tones and I, Hockey Dad, and Dune Rats, the band has an impressive resume of shows and songs. I’m sure you would’ve heard this bunch on triple j at some stage over the last 3 months – they’re infectiously catchy and spirited. Go check out these beauties and update your library with some brilliant music.



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pic: Robbie Walcott


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