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FAVE 5: Aussie electronic wizard Friendless shares his top artists to watch right now!

Recently unveiling a diabolically hypnotic slice of electronica, Aussie artist Friendless continues his domination of innovative production with the dark and slinky Intoxicating featuring Jade Alice lurking in the world right now.

Coated in oozing vocals, bubbling bass synths and a beat to ignite longing for the good old days of sweaty dancefloors in dark rooms, Intoxicating irresistibly lives up to its namesake while also flexing the Friendless flair of shifting you with unexpected twists and turns as the track unfurls its splendour. And with the feature of the divine Jade Alice on Intoxicating, Friendless shares his praise for the lady herself, as well as a few extra artists to have on your sonic radar. Read on below!



Well derrr. Not only did Jade smash Intoxicating out of the park she is on an absolute roll this year and everything she writes is 12/10. Obviously, I’m bias but the music speaks for itself. Just this year she’s released 3 singles and an EP.

‘Oh! If only I could have you’ - 4 Tracks with 1-800-Lost are all AMZING

‘Hold’ - a single with collaborator BANTA - is an absolute banger

‘Give Me Love’ - with Price Park is beautiful.

Conservatorium trained and with an indefatigable work ethic, Jade is just warming up. I’ve had the privilege of hearing some of her upcoming work and goddamn its goooood.

Jade is well placed to become one of the biggest artists in Australia.



These guys are one of the most compelling acts I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing. Honing their craft on stages from Adelaide to Austria these guys are fkn madmen musicians.

Drawing from their African heritage and raised in the cultural migrant melting pot of Western Sydney their sound takes influence in equal parts from Fela Kuti and Curtis Mayfield as it does from Outkast, Fat Freddy’s Drop and Rudimental.

The guys have laid horns with Briggs, Saint Lane, L-Fresh and tonnes more. They sing like freaks (check their cover of ‘Best Part’ by Daniel Caesar & H.E.R. just landed on their Facebook page, its ridic) and truly are the consummate band with song writing talent to boot. I’ve been a fan of these guys for years and they are just the fuckin best. Their latest single ‘You Don’t Love Me (You Love my Guitar)’ is an amazing collaboration with Zimbabwean artist Sylent Nqo that if you haven’t heard yet you are doing yourself a




pic: Krissy Jaman

Hailing from Sydney’s Eclectic Inner West, L.O.U is one of the most entertaining underground DJs I have ever seen play. From brooding minimal to slamming Techno to shameless vocal essentials she always has something for everyone.

Her productions are beautiful too.

2017’s ‘Drifted’ EP was 4 tracks of tech and house music sorcery and the follow up ‘Addiction’ was just perfect.

It’s been a minute since L.O.U has produced some original music, but a slew of remixes has ensured she hasn’t gone anywhere.

I’ve had the honour of hearing her new material and it is so fkn exciting. Definitely one to watch when the clubs come back in full force because she is going to be right on the tip of that wave.



pic: Giulia Giannini McGauran

Just 18, from the Mornington Peninsular, Tulliah is a song writing genius in my opinion. I LOVE her song ‘Company’ that brought her to the attention of triple j as an Unearthed High Finalist.

Tulliah really does fit that ‘wiser than her years’ adage. The depth of her writing is evident in everything she touches. I’ve had the pleasure of writing with her for some other artists and it was an absolute joy.

A little birdie tells me that she has an EP coming out soon and I have absolutely no doubt it is going to be an absolute hit filled masterpiece. Exciting times.

I, for one, cannot wait to see how Tulliah flourishes.



I love this woman, such a brilliant artist in my opinion. Erin has been writing and performing at a bloody high level for a long time and deserves every accolade that comes her way.

Her cover of ‘Shooting Stars’ with the legend POOLCLVB is something I have opened at least 4000 sets with (may be a slight exaggeration), it is just perfect.

More recently she has rapid fires out three ridiculous solo bangers in 2019’s M.I.A and 2020’s C.B.F and D.U.M.B. The latter sharing the same release date as my own Intoxicating. (Naaaw twins)

A consummate live performer and an absolute weapon in the studio, there really is nothing stopping MARSHES from absolute domination.



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