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FAVE 5: USA pop punks Happy. share their fave 5 up-and-comers who make them (you guessed it) happy!

Bearing a moniker that evokes positive vibes and good times, USA pop punks Happy. frequently tend to offer a side of spiky froth with their upbeat sonic wares. And while the Happy. trademark is one exceedinly capable of whacking a smile on your dial, the band's latest track A Cure For Wellness offers a glimpse into the slightly less rosy moments in life, zeroing in particularly on frustration, resentment and addiction:

Since forming back in 2016, Happy. have painstakingly worked to flavour their craft with positivity while still maintaining their irresistible catchy appeal, with their snappy melodics and introspective narratives placing them emphatically apart from the pop punk fray in the insanity that is 2020. While building towards their impending album Imposter Syndrome due out in October, the band have also driven proceeds from their previous single Sick is the New Sane to Campaign Zero and the Black Emotional Mental Health Collective (see more info HERE). And today in honour of their sparkling new tune, lead vocalist Tate Logan shares his current fave 5 up-and-coming bands that make him (sorry, not sorry) - happy! Check them out below!



pic: Mitch Lowe

This is one of Rude Record’s newest signings and we are so stoked to have them on the team. Their sound reminds me of bands like Cute Is What We Aim For mixed with The Starting Line. They also are bringing in some of that new wave pop punk that is fresh to the scene and caters to bands like Stand Atlantic and Sleep On It. To be totally honest, I’ve been jamming these guys non-stop for a solid week. “Cut your Teeth” is my favourite, with “Back to Back” being a really close second. I’m really stoked to see what these guys do!



pic: Matthew Alexander

Maggie Schneider is an incredible singer/songwriter that I have been a fan of for a while. She has an incredible voice, seriously it’s insane. I think she could sing anything, and it would sound amazing. I recommend checking out her covers too! She recently announced that she is no longer a solo artist, but instead, started a band called Glimmers. You can pre save their new single “Don’t Tell Me” here! Wishing her the best of luck in this new chapter of her career. I have so much respect for her.



These guys hit me up on twitter and I’m super glad they did because I was really impressed. They give me serious Cartel and Every Avenue vibes. The newest song they put out is called “This Time” and it is definitely my favourite. It’s got a crazy catchy chorus. I also heard they worked with Rian Dawson, and I’ve always got a special place in my heart for All Time Low. I have a feeling these guys are going to blow up soon. Highly recommend giving them a listen!



This is a side project that both Sean and John have been a part of since before Happy. was even a band. They take a lot of inspiration from bands like Movements, La Dispute and From Indian Lakes. They have a self-titled record out and are releasing an EP soon. It’s super cool that they can create music that sounds so different. They put on a sick live show and Happy. has had the pleasure of playing with them multiple times. They deem themselves “emotional rock”.



If you like really soft, slow, bedroom vibes then this is the artist for you. Their lyricism is incredibly relatable, but they also create a dream-like atmosphere to their instrumentation. We played some of our very first shows with them when they were under the moniker “Things Not Work Fixing”. Check them out if your fans of Flatsound, Conor Oberst, American Pleasure Club etc.



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