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FAVE 5: Sydney jazz rapper Kiyanosh shares his top 5 musical crushes right now!

Jazz meets hip hop in the deft hands of Sydney-based Iranian rapper Kiyanosh. Born and raised in Sydney, Kiyanosh bewitchingly weaves his Iranian roots into his intricate and engaging tunes, detailing his Aussie upbringing as well as the inevitable clash of cultures, ideals and lifestyles between his two worlds in his artistic endeavours, seen most recently on the oscillating KARMA.

Inspired from a comparison between his own upbringing and his mother's experiences, Kiyanosh straddles thoughtful thematics with slick and smooth production, clutching at jazz, soul and even the electronic on the brooding yet hypnotic track KARMA. And undoubtedly an artist so entrenched in unique and innovative stylings is bound to have a kickass list of bands and artists he's currently crushing on right now, so today we grabbed his fave 5 up-and-coming artists who are doing the rounds on his playlists right now. Read on!



Planet Vegeta are one of the most exciting groups in Hip-Hop and Australian music right now. Their come up is undeniable and the community they’ve built is exactly what we want to see more of in this industry, especially locally. It’s incredible how versatile & eclectic they’ve already shown to be with just 3 singles out, from the production to the vocals to everything in between, these boys know exactly what they’re doing… don’t sleep on them. Special shout out to Jazz Nobodi for quickly becoming one of my favourite MC’s in the country, dude is beyond nice...



Now off the cuff, shue is a label-mate and a good friend of mine, so this one may seem biased, but I invite anyone to show me a stronger debut release this year than SENSATIONS EP. shue has literally just begun, but he did what most fellow local artists never have the patience for, he made sure he was a master of his sound before he even entered the game. Swinging from future beats to hip-hop to more Trap influenced electronic music, the man’s production is so clean it’s almost annoying. Some artists set a certain standard for themselves before they show the world even a second of their work. shue is one of those artists, and the standard he has set is just incredible. 



pic: Megan Jennifer Donnelly

I will never not be angry at the world for the fact that Bin Juice aren’t a worldwide sensation yet, it genuinely makes no sense to me. Their live shows are amazing, their music is amazing, they even have the Godriguez stamp which is huge if you ask me. Get onto Bin Juice if you aren’t already!



pic: Vinnie Botton

I will forever stan both Godriguez and the unfathomable band he fronts, Godtet. I was first put onto Godriguez from Sampa’s ‘The Great Mixtape’ and I couldn’t believe this guy lived in the same part of the world as I did. It just sounded like it was from another dimension. I hadn’t been that moved by a project in a while and I absolutely LOVE Sampa, I mean how could you not, but there was something about the production that complimented and made room for Sampa in such a way that I hadn’t heard in years. It wasn’t any ordinary hip-hop production, it felt special. When he announced the Godtet project, I knew I had to go. They did those incredible residencies at LazyBones and they were mesmerizing. Every show was so different, and in those moments, I genuinely felt like every single band member was the greatest musician in the world. Also, the fact that they were able to capture their essence of live performance so perfectly for their studio albums was always such a dope achievement to me.



Okay, these guys are some straight up GOATs. I don’t think I could love their debut album ‘Pareidolia’ more if I wanted to. These guys are one of those constant reminders that we have so much exciting and unique music coming out of this country. I saw them live when they supported Hiatus Kaiyote at The Metro last year, and oh my god. Before the first song was even over, I was stanning, Perrin Moss is a madman like jeeeeeeeez. Definitely get on that Clever Austin vibe.



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pic: Megan Jennifer Donnelly


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