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FAVE 5: Melb surf rockers Majak Door unveil their fave local acts for you to devour!

If you're in need of a calming balm to chase the blues away, Melbourne surf rockers Majak Door and their shimmering new tune Will She Leave You have got you covered (and then some!) with this effortless charmer that quite literally jangles for days.

Bringing together six sonic wizards (with many boasting backgrounds in audio engineering), Majak Door carve an authentic vintage flavour to the standard modern surf rock trope, drizzling hazy reverb amongst measured rhythmics that both lull and lure in a diabolically carefree fashion. DIY-focused and not opposed to rising to the challenge of remote recording during a pandemic, Majak Door are no doubt poised to weave even more sonic delights in the near future. But for now, come get to know some of the local bands and artist Majak Door are head over heels for, with some in-depth insights into some acts you'll definitely want to be adding to your playlists this summer. Read on below!



The trio of Pantjiti, Emmah and Rosie has fast become one of our favourite musical acts in Victoria, as well as some of our favourite people we’ve met in the scene so far. Originating from Gippsland, ‘The Spagz’, as we like to call them, radiate a bright positivity that shines through their music. So far in 2020, they have released ‘Lolly Boys’ and ‘Route 16’, they were the winners of the triple j Unearthed level up grant and were long listed for Best Regional & Outer Suburban Act for the Music Victoria Awards. You just can’t help but cheer for these guys!



Every time these lads make the trek from Mildura to Melbourne, they always seem to put on a show that reminds you of why live music in Melbourne is just so good. They have the natural ability to convert any of their live shows into a real hootenanny, and from our experience, that’s not a gift that’s easily acquired! Loose Bricks released ‘Honey’ earlier this year and were gearing up to perform some headline shows in March, including a Melbourne show that had us as main support, that was unfortunately cancelled due to obvious circumstances. Don’t hesitate to give us a bell when it’s safe to come back boys, we’ll be chomping at the bit to share the stage with you once again.



pic: Ivy Rose

Soaked with rainbow grooves, wobbly psychedelic pop and sprinkled with eco-friendly tenor, Sunfruits are one of those special bands that really encompass the true positivity of the Melbourne music scene. We were lucky enough to catch last minute tickets to their sold-out Cactus Room show early in the year, and the vibe in the room during their set was nothing short of wholesome. So far this year the bandits of boogie have launched their debut EP ‘Certified Organic’ via Third Eye Stimuli Records, were longlisted for ‘Best Band’ and ‘Best Song’ for this year’s Music Victoria Awards, as well as copping a stint at Brunswick Music Festival, among other things. Sunfruits’ latest single ‘Bonsoy’, an ode to, well... Bonsoy, has just been released and can be purchased via 7” Vnyl, which also features the single ‘Mushroom Kingdom’. It doesn’t get any fruitier.



Every now and then we come across one of those bands that makes you stop what you’re doing and pay attention to every lyric and every note played, and Maddy Herbert aka Velvet Bloom and her band The Vito Collective are no exception. We've had the pleasure of sharing the stage with these absolute talents a few times, and there’s no other band in Melbourne that produces such a lovely, warm and glistening style of neo soul, jazz and pop. In 2020 we’ve been lucky to cop two stunning VB singles, ‘Standards’ and ‘7hundred25’.



Mantell is an act that we wished we stumbled upon sooner. The 5-piece band harnesses all the good bits of Melbourne's overwhelming indie rock scene, seasons it with shimmering guitar melodies, and garnishes it with lead vocals that really complete this warm winter dish. Listen to their latest single ‘St. Louis’ and you’ll know what we mean. It’s a chef’s kiss from us fellas, see on the stage soon hopefully!



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