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FAVE 5: Melb dark trap artist Meghna shares her top up-and-comer artists she's crushing on right now

Like gliding through a viscous dream, the brand new track Bad Thoughts from Melb artist Meghna offers an effortless serving of dark and delectably assured trap. Journeying the inner battle between selfish thoughts and toxic comparison with others around you, Bad Thoughts ornaments these deep themes with murky synths, gliding melodics and Meghna's extremely versatile vocals, gifting a moody earworm with a heap of heart that'll stick to your ears like molasses.

Drawing inspiration from her Indian heritage, as well as her passion for social justice issues (including donating a portion of her earnings for her new release to mental health organisation Beyond Blue), Bad Thoughts also flexes Meghna's production chops, self-producing the track with Joey French on mixing and mastering duties. And while Meghna continues to write and record new music while Melbourne remains in lockdown, today she's giving us the the lowdown on some killer up-and-coming artists; from discoveries on Tik Tok to summer playlist must-haves - go check them out below!



Melbourne-based artist KUDZAI’s smooth vocals and introspective lyrics make every tune he releases a banger. His new track ‘ARE YOU MAD?’ brings all the trap energy to the table, and I absolutely love it. A personal favourite of mine is ‘4 Deep In The Suburbs’ in which he challenges gang stereotypes associated with African teens in Melbourne. The song’s lyrical content, use of news reels and a clean chord progression makes this song *chef’s kiss*. Oh, and did I mention he has absolute BARS?! Can’t wait to see what KUDZAI releases next, he is definitely an Aussie artist to watch.



Wow, I just love Teischa’s tunes! I’ve been a fan of Fremantle artist Teischa since she released her ‘Midnight Hour’ record back in 2017. Fantastic production, her dusky voice and just all-round bangers make Teischa a pleasure to listen to. Her real breakout tune was ‘Before’ which reached a million streams on Spotify. It’s been so exciting watching her upward trajectory and evolution as an artist. Teischa recently released ‘Be Alone’, showcasing a more poppy sound with an addictive hook and a quirky ‘coin drop’ sample as the standout features of the tune. It was so nice seeing this side of her, when her previous singles were a lot darker. She is a versatile artist who nails both the dark and the light-hearted tunes, and she’s definitely one to keep on your radar!



I found Indian-Australian artist ASHWARYA when she randomly popped up on my TikTok ‘For You Page’, and the song that was playing in the background was her debut single ‘PSYCHO HOLE’. I was like, “wowee, this slaps!”. Her laidback vocals and the minimalistic instrumental make this tune so catchy. After ‘PSYCHO HOLE’, I was led to her unreleased single ‘BIRIYANI’, and as a fellow Biriyani enthusiast, this song was so exciting for me. Not only is the instrumental so intriguing, the melody is just gorgeous, especially in the chorus. I’m excited to see what she does next!



If you’re looking for an artist fresh off the Gold Coast with groovy tunes reminiscent of Anderson .Paak and Tom Misch, look no further, DVNA is here! I absolutely love the soulfulness of her tunes, her sultry vocals and how you can just chuck DVNA on the speakers and groove. My personal favourite of her tunes is ‘Sushi In Tokyo’, which really makes me feel like I’m back in Tokyo— and let me tell you I’ve never even been to Tokyo, so that tells you something about her music! The amazing electric piano, background vocals and the sickening bassline really make the song ultra-smooth. Her most recent track ‘All My Friends’ is very evocative of early 2000s R&B, which I love to see, or in this case hear. I should probably tell you now almost every DVNA track has a brilliant bassline, and I’m not complaining. Can’t wait to hear more from this artist on the rise!



pic: Michelle Grace Hunder

Melbourne-based Alice Ivy has already established herself in the Aussie music industry as one of the dopest electronic producers out there. I first met Alice Ivy in an Ableton workshop that she led in early 2018 and she was a great teacher and just a wonderful human being. Since then, I became interested in her music. Alice Ivy’s latest album ‘Don’t Sleep’ absolutely slaps and my personal favourite on the album is the title track ‘Don’t Sleep’ featuring imbi the girl and BOI. Such a great song to jam to as it really reminds me of summer, which I can’t wait for! Definitely check out this album— the amazing collaborations, vibes and the music itself make this album golden. Can’t wait to chuck on one of these tunes when summer comes round!



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