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FAVE 5: Central Coast indie rockers MINIQ share their fave Aussie bands to spice up your life

If you like your rock with a shimmering soul, come melt into a world of sharp instrumentation and vocals that will make you weak at the knees courtesy of Central Coast indie rock duo MINIQ and their brand new tune Little Miss No. 1. Effortlessly infusing rock overtones with swooning pop production, MINIQ conjure a dichotomous sonic love child of the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, Nick Cave and Lana Del Rey, with their modern blend of musical sugar and spice undoubtedly ready to turn heads and captivate once live shows are back on the table.

Comprised of sisters Isabelle and Dominique Morgan, MINIQ may be a relatively new group on the block; but the duo's musical history stems back to the age of 9, and their effortless collaboration provides a winning combination, alongside their producer and mixer Simon Dobson (Bootleg Rascal, Little May, Stupid Baby) and mastering by Brian Lucey (Arctic Monkeys, The Kills, The Black Keys). And while we're all still hanging for live music to come back into full swing, today come grab a peek at some of MINIQ's favourite up-and-coming Aussie artists, with fellow Central Coast luminaries and beyond making the cut. Check it out below!



pic by Hollie Lean Photography

Tiali Eliza is a local Central Coast artist. We were actually in the same music class in high school. ‘Tis a small world the Central Coast (Dom).

It’s been cool watching her music evolve and develop over the years. Tiali’s moved into a real alternative jazz, rock vibe and it really suits her. She released a track called Stoned Vacation a few months back and man, that has one catchy chorus. I find myself singing it a lot.



This bunch of talented coast boys have a whirlwind of capability in composing some epic tracs. In the world of psych rock, they are coming in hot and with an effortlessly comfortable and energetic stage presence, you simply cannot miss them. Their track Pigments is easily a favourite, but in all honesty, I could name every track they’re released and call it a favourite. I’m always finding myself at their shows. (Belle).  



These guys are wicked! Heard their track Head Check not long ago. It’s fun, catchy and the video clip suits the tone of the track too. Jacob Thomas is a one of the best blokes as well, I see his face around every now and again, just had no idea until more recently just how tight the band is and how grounded they seem. Haven’t had the chance to see them live yet but I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for their next local show. I reckon it’d be a fun time.



I’d actually had a number of people recommend checking out his music. I’d heard of Jake before and then checked out his track It’s My Birthday when it came out last year and loved the vibe. Just seems like he’s really created a style that’s his own and I love that. I also like the lyrics relating to the news and media because I agree with it. The news never reports anything positive or wholesome. Always depressing and fear focused topics. 



These guys are legends. Talented and versatile musos.

Love their track Feline. It’s badass! Their latest single Mr Zil is a little heavier than what I’d normally listen to, but I rate it. I can picture it on a surf film. It’s a song that’ll get you pumped up.



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