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  • Tiana Speter

FAVE 5: Divine Sydney singer-songwriter Quails shares her current fave female artists!

Surging with poignant electronica and bubbling bliss, the brand new EP Remedy from Sydney singer-songwriter and producer Quails is a divine brew to soothe and enamour across the space of four dreamy tracks.

Ranging from R&B-soaked production to jittering percussion and swollen synths, Remedy is a charming offering from Quails as she builds on a world of gleaming production and bewitching arrangements , while also flying the flag for strength and togetherness and the brighter side of relationships. And today as a special treat in honour of her latest release, Quails is sharing with us some of her fave female musical inspirations, with five thrilling females who are currently crushing it for your listening pleasure. Read on below!



Every now and then your Spotify Discover Weekly playlists delivers the goods. I came across one of AKUA’s tunes and instantly fell in love with her whole album. There’s something Kate Bush-y and sentimental about her tunes, plus they’re loaded with heart and her stunning unique vocal melodies.



I have nothing but praise for Erika the saint. She does that nostalgic RnB like no other artist I have heard - plus she posts has a cute and kitsch social media presence, including posting motivational advice on how to stay san throughout Covid-19 lockdown.



pic: Jalaru Photography & Design

A beautiful, young artist from Melbourne, I’m really keen to hear more from her! She has that old-school-wise-beyond-her-years type steez that makes you want to play her tunes while sipping on a glass of Sangiovese on your lawn overlooking the lake on a sun-drenched weekend afternoon.



My boyfriend found a drum and bass bootleg of one of Koffee’s songs (which slaps by the way!) but her original stuff is also fire! A multi-instrumentalist/DJ/rapper from Jamaica, Koffee keeps it super interesting and is a must for a Monday morning pickup.



There are sooo many neat female singers and musicians right here at home killing it - Maina Doe is case in point! I wish we had a bigger community radio platform or some equivalent of triple j that really gave them the airtime. Maina Doe is so sick and can’t wait to hear more from her.



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