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  • Tiana Speter

FAVE 5 ROUND 2: Sydney party-starters Fangz are back sharing more of their fave artists right now!

pic: Kim Quint

They're the Sydney punk rockers who should seriously have a sponsorship deal by now with Adidas; and the ever-energetic quartet known as FANGZ have also just recently unleashed a raucous new EP But No Thanks, busting out their influences on their matching sportswear sleeves across five furious tracks.

Marking a sturdy new chapter in the relatively short adventure FANGZ have spent together as a group, But No Thanks will tantalise your ears and have you absolutely fanging for live music once again. But before the gents are due to take the stage at their spiritual home of Frankie's Pizza next month for their EP launch, FANGZ return for Round 2 of the Fave 5 challenge, sharing more of their fave up-and-coming Aussie bands they're crushing on right now. Read on below!



pic: Dean Sheridan Photography

Sososoooo many of my friends told me to check out SoSo and the band is anything but average. They’re the Western Sydney house party I didn’t know I needed to attend. Think Trophy Eyes and Blink-182 with cricket bats and shoeys.



pic: Bec Whetham

Chelsea Manor are a band that came on my Spotify Daily Mix one day and I was obsessed. It was even better finding out they were Australian and now we’re friends! Just before COVID we had convinced them to drive to Melbourne and play a show with us. Cheers COVID for ruining everything… I hate you. Chelsea Manor are a cocktail made up of all the best parts of Kisschasy, Billy Talent and Boxcar Racer. I guess I’m just saying- guitars and hooks!



They are Pop and Punk but not Pop-Punk. Songs with clean guitars, amazing lyrics and Australiana references that make you smile. Naughty Boys are also one of the greatest live shows going around. I’ll never forget stumbling into the Vic on the Park seeing two of everything and thinking to myself “this must be what it’s like to fall in love”.



pic: Tracie Tee

Being Jane Lane are an all-girl party punk band with songs that get stuck in my head all the time. ‘Savage Sunday’ is my go-to tune to start the weekend and shotgun all the beers to.Give it a try. It will not disappoint.



I never thought a band that sang songs such as “I Wish Australia Had Its Guns Again” and “God Save The King Hit” would end up being my favourite band but, here we are.Private Function are possibly the funniest band in Australia but what they’re often overlooked for is how good the musicianship and song writing is on everything they release. Private Function are and always will be on top.



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pic: Kim Quint


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