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FAVE 5 ROUND 2: Bust out the snakes and ladders, Timi Temple is back with more fave up-and-comers!

Back in May we grabbed some time with indie lord Timi Temple to hunt down some of his fave up-and-coming artists that are blowing up his playlists right now. And while it's been a particularly odd few months since May as the world continues the onerous fight against the COVID pandemic, Timi Temple has been an extremely busy man, busting out a new tune Snakes & Ladders while also announcing an upcoming attempt to break a Guinness World Record for the world's biggest game of (gasp!) Snakes & Ladders.

While it's no secret Sir Temple is a particularly large fan of snakes (or "snek" for those in the know), he also continues to establish himself as an extremely beguiling artist, from his singular brand of indie rock to his immersive subject matter bubbling away beneath the alluring sonic surface. And while his latest track Snakes & Ladders may deal with the sycophants that wriggle out of the woodwork at the scent of success, today Timi is sharing some brighter subject matter, sharing five more bands and artists who personally resonate with this slithering enigma know as Timi Temple. Check 'em out below!



pic: Nick Suchak

If Kid Papichi haven’t taken over the world by the end of this year I’ll eat both my hat and my crocs. What started off as a tag in an Insta story of Kid Kapichi listening to my ‘2pm for Breakfast’ song has very quickly flourished into a beautiful friendship with this band from the UK. I’ve covered one of their songs and have also been a guest on their ‘Lockdown Lowdown’ podcast during isolation and our video chats feel like best mates hanging after a long absence! They’ve got the heaviest sound mixed with the punkiest of vocals and lyrics that pertain to societal commentary stronger than anything I could muster! If you’ve got time, I really suggest also checking out their music videos because they’ve got that perfect blend of DIY and CINEMATIC that you’re left sitting there wondering which it is??? I’m jealous but also super proud haha!



I’ve had an internet crush on Loud Hound ever since I saw one of his music videos on a YouTube deep dive. Imagine driving along the perfect coastal highway with the perfect sunset on your horizon… Every time I listen to LH this is where my mind is teleported. Lush washed out vocals and an understated indie beat set and the noodle of his laid-back guitar playing just make me smile. Its super organic sounding on first listens… but if you dig a little deeper with your ears, you’ll notice he’s also a production wizard with all these sneaky Easter eggs seasoning his songs to perfection!! Once these airports open up again, I’m getting a ticket to wherever Loud Hound is in USA and catching a gig!



pic: Tim Baker

If you know me, you know I LOVE DIY and Good Pash are DIY legends and they’ve got a stop motion music video coming up it looks like from their socials?? I’m ridiculously keen for that! I listen to their song “get your mind on other things” almost daily on my bike ride and it’s just such a lovely bop! I also LOVE how active they are in the Sydney music scene and for two years so far they’ve had this lovely Christmas party gig ’Good Pash Xmas Bash’ which is like a full mini festival and I really hope we’re allowed to have proper gigs unrestricted social distancing by the time December rolls around so they can have the Xmas Bash number 3!



The youngest gun on my top 5 list today is an artist from Melbourne, Bridie Oak! She’s 16 and I first came across her when she did a cover of one my songs on Instagram and tagged me! She’s released one song so far called ‘OKAY’ and like… I’m honestly beyond jealous that I wasn’t as awesome as Bridie when I was 16. This debut release is like a folk songstress who’s been writing and touring for years! Super chill, super Aussie and super-duper worth your time!!



Okay so this last one is a bit of interesting one! I had the honour of helping judge a song writing competition for Australia wide Woolworths employees and Dylan Watson was my pick for the winner (the other judges sucked so he ended up coming 2nd…) But I remember being really captivated by Dylan’s honest lyrics and raw song writing style that is hyper unique in my opinion! He gets 100% bonus points because he had painted his own guitar and that’s what I do to my guitars so mega camaraderie there. He just put out an EP ‘Imaginary’ and it’s worth wrapping your ears around!!



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