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FAVE 5: Sydney indie rockers Silky Roads share their current fave 5 artists to celebrate a new tune!

Packed full of chirpy guitars and silken grooves, the brand new tune Pomegranate from Sydney indie rockers Silky Roads more than lives up to the band's aptly smooth namesake. Part moody prowler, part art deco sonic molasses, Pomegranate marks the third single for 2020 from this Sydney quartet, while also firmly stamping their flag in the burgeoning world of Aussie indie and psych rock goodness.

Taking firm inspiration from the likes of Ocean Alley, Lime Cordiale and Mako Road, Silky Roads undeniably are a force drawn to the stellar indie rock goodness we have in our very own backyard. But what bands are Silky Roads currently devouring? Come get to know some of the band's musical crushes doing the rounds on their playlists right now, read on for Silky Roads Fave 5!



No Cigar is a band from New Zealand that we’ve recently come across. After the release of our track ‘Green Eyed’ we came across them in our ‘Fans Also Like’ feature on Spotify, and they had only released their first song ‘Tickets to Space’. It’s a mad tune and we all really liked it.

Now they’ve recently gone on to release their debut EP and we’re all loving it! It has flavours from all over but in its essence it's just groovy! And I gotta say we’re all a bit jealous of the Kiwi’s because it looks like they’re starting to get back to the grind of live music. Hopefully we’ll be able to join these fellas in NZ sometime soon. Definitely excited to see what they’re going to do next.



Alrighty, now this is a band that spills magnificently graceful vocal melodies and slippery yet jagged guitar playing out of their music. Occasionally Spotify will shuffle you into an unknown song, Club Kuru’s ‘Giving In’ came on and it was love at first listen. This is one of the greatest aspects of music. Discovering an artist’s music and simply diving into the rest of what they have to offer.

If you’re on a long bus ride with good headphones or headed out for a little holiday and are obviously going to crank up the music in your car. Give their two albums ‘Meet Your Maker’ and ‘Giving In’ a listen.

We’re all super keen for the world to hurry up and get back to normal so we can go see these guys live in the UK one day.



Micra are a band that we only just recently discovered in the past year and have been listening to. We happened to come across them when we first met our then soon to be Producer Yossif Kay, at Bank Hotel in Newtown, when we were actually meant to be going to another gig down the road. Yossif, who happened to have family in the band, invited us to stay and see their set upstairs.

We also bumped into them at a party Yos was throwing and had some great conversations about different music we were listening too at the time.

Since then, they’ve released a banger single ‘Under My Skin’ for their upcoming EP. We got to catch them again at Oxford Arts Factory and it was a pleasure to be in the crowd.



Eagle Eye Jones are an up and coming funk psych rock band from the same neck of the woods as us, and we love welcoming more blues rock to the world. We first came across these guys when we were lucky enough to catch them at ‘A Day for the Beaches’, before Ocean Alley came on, and they killed their set.

What also caught our attention was that they recently posted a video about the rehearsal space they have in Balgowlah. It’s just a cool little video of their setup and how they manage to have a solid rehearsal space and be able to play constantly, and not piss off the neighbours. We’d probably say that we’re a little envious of their setup. But the video is definitely worth checking out.

We are all super psyched to have these guys pushing the classic rock vibes in our area and we are super keen to meet them on the local circuit. They just recently released an EP called ‘Mose Rose Red’ and it’s also well worth a look, and its super sick to hear something new and unique in the local scene.



Marlin's Dreaming are another up and coming band from New Zealand. These boys seem to be among the many Kiwi bands killing it at the moment, and we're all super keen to hopefully see them in action one day.

We first came across these guys after hearing one of their songs ‘Cheeky Kids’ come on shuffle and it reeled us in quickly, with the smooth sounds and cheeky attitude.

We thought it was crazy when we found out that their Album ‘Lizard Tears’ was their first body of work, it had us hooked. We'd say it defined quite a big phase we went through as a band and we found ourselves recommending the boys to our mates. What also really excites us is that after we released some music onto Spotify we saw them pop up in our ‘Artists Radio’ and since we hold them in such high regard, we’re grateful to have our music alongside theirs. Wish these boys well in the future.



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