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FAVE 5: It's a Fave 5 Round 2 as Sydney pop punks SoSo share more of their fave local legends!

Some of you may recall earlier in the year when The Soundcheck stole some of Sydney punks SoSo's favourite up-and-coming bands (and for those who missed it, you can grab a peek here). And while it was only back in March, a hell of a lot has happened, not just with the insane state of the world, but also with SoSo themselves busting out a brand new track (Shit) Love Story which perfectly cleaves some bops with some slicing and dicing punk that definitely turned heads (both critically and of the general head-banging persuasion).

Now officially the proud collective parents of a brand new music video for (Shit) Love Story, shot at the band's share house affectionately known as 'The Shit Shack', SoSo continue to prove themselves to be one of the most engaging pop punk acts emerging in their own right, while aptly capturing realities of life and creativity in their sharp and spunky tunes. And in honour of their recent new music video, we grabbed the group for Round 2 of sharing some of the fave up-and-coming (and not so up-and-coming) artists. Beware - solid jams are ahead!



These guys are absolutely kicking goals having just signed to Rude Records and releasing a killer new single ‘Sixteen Floors’. The ‘Kisschasy’ vibes are evident and there’s nothing quite like that gorgeous nostalgic feel they give ya when listening. Keen for more from these lads!



pic: Sam James Photography

So, we heard of Lucid Hoops courtesy of Josh Merriel. After debuting our new tune ‘(Shit) Love Story’ he next up played, ‘Get Me Outta Here’ and holy shit it rips! Thanks to Lucid Hoops for coming straight up after our track and making us in comparison live up to our Offensively Average moniker. Also, chicks fronting rock bands? Fucking yes – what a voice.  



Look, we know these guys are well and truly into their ‘up and coming’ phase (they are very up and have been coming for a while now, if ya catch my drift), but we sweat the vibe. Another success story of Electric Sun/Steve Knight, we’ve been across them for a few years now. Flying high with another sick release – their ‘Reimagined’ EP is dope. Get some.



Again, Josh Merriel bringing us the goods. We heard this track on Short.Fast.Loud a few weeks in a row and it is absolutely hayuuugeeee. Their new single ‘Disappoint’ did not…disappoint ;). I’m sure the lads will keep bringing the goods, we’re keen to see what’s in store for them!  



pic: Kim Quint Media

These lads absolutely rip it up - I’d hate to be the owner of whatever venue they’re playing in. Their new song ‘Drifter’ is sick, but let’s take a minute to get around this music video HERE.

Absolutely raucous stuff…….why do I feel like a FANGZ/SoSo show would result in a reintroduction of lockdowns?



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