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FAVE 5: What bands are Cenny Coast rockers Stupid Baby crushing on? Come find out!

According to The Simpsons, stupid babies need the most attention, but Cenny Coast indie rockers Stupid Baby are garnering plenty of attention with their swaggering punk-laced wares, most recently with their second single Mr Zil. Brandishing thick, punch drunk vocals over a booming backdrop of pumping beats, driving bass and hazy guitars, Mr Zil peeks into a hot and heavy writing style for the group, juxtaposing their much more subdued previous track Feline while presenting a sonic manifestation of co-vocalist/drummer Jake Dobson's alter ego:

A boisterous brew produced and mixed by Simon Dobson (Bootleg Rascal) and mastered by Andrew Edgson (Ocean Alley, West Thebarton, The Gooch Palms), Mr Zil may cavort through themes of insecurity and anxiety, but it ultimately showcases Stupid Baby's firm grasp on Australian post-punk with an ability to channel their energy into a fun and frenzied package. And while the band have already shared tours and stages with the likes of The Chats, The Smith Street Band, Pist Idiots and more in their short existence, today they're sharing a look at some of their favourite up-and-coming Aussie bands, and what makes these groups so awesome. Check it out in their own words below!



Soy are a five-piece band from our hometown on the Central Coast. They are mixture of Psychedelic Fuzz and Creamy 70s Garage Funk. I’ve seen these guys play to rooms of 15 people to packed out venues where you can barely move. Every time I have seen them play, they make the room feel electric. It’s the same feeling you get when you see your favourite band play the best set of their lives. SOY will be one of the greats. 



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VOIID are a four-piece band from Brisbane. They put a super unique stamp on the Australian punk scene. Every song will make you move, and every live show will hit you square in the face. I first saw VOIID when they played a show I ran a few years ago. The moment they got on stage, I knew I was watching something special. Australia needs a band that project old and new school terror, and these guys are ready for the colosseum. 



pic by Noah Gallagher

Seaside are a four-piece indie band residing from Byron Bay. They have this sultry dream pop indie sound that grabs you by that spot on your neck that you always need a massage on. I’ve loved this band since they first started releasing music. Every song has its own journey and every chord makes me feel like cracking open a cold beer and taking a trip to Mexico. I can see these guys playing massive festivals all over the world. I caught up with the drummer Chris a few weeks ago and he showed me some unreleased tunes of theirs. I told him he better not forget about me when he has a private jet with a Massive Seaside print written on the side of it. I’m so excited for the future for these absolute GURUS!



Don’t let the colourful band name or the bare chests fool you, Pist Idiots are probably the nicest guys you will ever meet. The western Sydney four-piece are at the forefront of the pub-rock revival. I am, and always will be, the biggest fan of these guys. We have had the pleasure of playing alongside these larrikins many times, and every show has been amazing. Their live show is unstoppable. They will send a crowd into a frenzy, yet bring everyone together in sing along, giving what I perceive as punk-rock a new meaning. Their take on this scene is a loving showcase of togetherness and harmony. I hope that we get to see the Pist idiots own everyone in the world’s hearts! 



pic by Noah van der Veer

100 are raw, honest and brutal. You can feel how personal their music is to them when they unleash. It fills you with this strange sense of power and emotion. They are all killer musicians, with an absolute knack for pulling vicious guitar tones and writing blood thirsty hooks. 100 are growing fast, and I’m both excited and terrified to see what they will come up with next.



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