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  • Tiana Speter

FAVE 5: Arizona punks Sundressed share their fave emerging artists alongside a video contest!

With a twist of heartfelt punk guaranteed to please anyone struggling with life's intricacies, Arizona's Sundressed have recently dished up a raw and rich ode to modern frustrations with their tune Oh Please. Part warm angst and part sonic solace, Sundressed's emotive tendencies may be heavily steeped in their overarching genre, but the group have steadily tackled mental health issues in their confessional melodics since forming back in 2012; a habit continuing with their recent announcement of a video contest for Oh Please in conjunction with their record label Rude Records and the newly launched Rude Cares charitable arm.

Constantly striving to inspire their listeners to keep moving forward while flying the flag for vulnerable-yet-catchy tunes, Sundressed are certainly a band you'll find stuck in your head from just a few seconds spent in their sun-kissed punk. But for a treat today, the band are sharing their Fave 5 up-and-coming bands to tantalise your playlists and delight your speakers. Check them out below, and also drop by here to find out more about their video contest: up until July 20, fans will be able to submit videos of themselves singing along to 'Oh Please' for the chance to have one bill paid by Sundressed and Rude Records’ newly launched Rude Cares charitable arm.



I could gush about Kailynn and Tiny Stills forever, but when it comes down to it, Tiny Stills songs have been there for me so many times. Tiny Stills songs are the kind of songs that give you that kick in the ass to grow and get through your shit. I feel empowered by her songs and I think the world needs to hear them. We were also lucky enough to write a song with her last year and I learnt so much from her about song writing. Also, in case she reads this, I have to say Tiny Stills Fucks.



I recently found talker through a social media post and it was a clip of a music video that included the lyric "I just want you to be happy, but I don't know where that leaves me" and it made me stop what I was doing and listen to everything Talker has released. Wonderful song writing, very heartbreaking yet beautiful! 



The first time I saw Alien Boy play live; I was absolutely floored. They were the opener on the tour, and they seemed to have the most fully realized sound and chops, like they could be playing stadiums. However, the lyrics and melodies of their songs are so intimate and personal, you feel them deeply in any setting. They are also karaoke champions and a wonderful group of humans to rock around the country with!



I am extremely drawn to earnestness in music and that is a quality I instantly found in I'm Glad It's You. Kelley's way of putting a feeling into words is something I've always admired about him, and it's been an absolute pleasure to follow them and listen to their releases. Their latest effort is especially beautiful and has really cool call backs to previous releases that just make you feel invested in the story. Listen to them now!



First saw these guys last year and have been obsessed ever since. Smooth comforting textures over bouncy hooks, loads of nostalgia, yet somehow it feels new! I'm really looking forward to more releases from them! 



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