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FAVE 5: Indie king Timi Temple shares his top up-and-coming artists

Woozy swagger awaits for those who enter the crisp realm of Sydney-based indie lord Timi Temple. A veritable Pied Piper of compelling indie rock, Timi Temple balances hazy tones and enigmatic melodics that ooze with a candy-coated crunch and insightful narratives, as seen most recently on his new howler of a tune Fa-Fa-Fading.

Detailing the first excruciating few months after a break-up, Fa-Fa-Fading draws to mind the likes of The White Stripes and Mac DeMarco as he flourishes thundering beats and driven riffs in this addictive tune completely produced and recorded by the artist himself. And in honour of his latest tune, today Timi Temple is sharing some of his favourite musical cronies, with his Top 5 Up-and-Comers below for you to feast your ears on. Check it!



pic by James Adams

This band can do no wrong. They just released a new song called Try As You May, along with a music video for it, and calling it early, but it might be a super stand out track for the whole year! In a musical space where almost everyone is trying to sing high, Johnny Hunter reject that notion with vocals that are so warm and full bodied and low they do special things to my lil old heart.

It’s got that foot-tap-a-bility like everyone’s favourite song Mr Brightside, but it’s also undeniably Australian! The music video is visually so appealing to me in its simplicity and the use of lighting to emphasise moments is schmick! They also do a cool thing I’ve tried before, which is bending the visual by displacing the image with a piece of glass obstructing the lens? At least this is what I think they did. I hope it was analogue instead of a digital plugin haha.



I first caught Hallie when she was supporting a friend of mine, Annie Hamilton, at Vic On The Park. I’m so glad I braved it to venture out solo to a gig that night! Hallie started right as I walked in and she was just playing solo, vocals and guitar only. Being a guitarist, her playing struck me as super confident and slick but with a nonchalant ‘this is easy’ air about it.

Her vocals were equally as stunning, but it wasn’t until I got home and dug deeper into her catalogue that I realised how awesome she was. Lyrically I think Hallie is my new favourite and she’s set the bar of what I call great! The situations and stories she writes about are all relatable and raw, but somehow she’s crafted this unique world through her personal looking glass. Go check out Sympathy, it’s bonkers.



pic by April Josie

These guys are my quintessential beach/garage rock go-to. They recently toured with mates Teenage Dads, and I can’t believe a fusion this awesome hasn’t happened since Goku and Vegeta popped on their potara earrings (that’s a geek joke). Their new song Stick Around gets a spin every single day when I ride my bike. It’s one of those songs where I think to myself; “damn I wish I wrote this song”. It’s got swirly and fuzzy guitars and a beautiful acoustic that sounds so personal that you’re transported to the bedroom it was first written in, and don’t get me started on the vocal hooks! This song is drenched in them! Once Iso is over, I’m going to try and catch these lovelies at a gig asap.



Hard name to spell if I’m honest, but you should learn how to spell it. Tiarnie is certified sick and certified DIY legend. She played support for me at my birthday gig last year and having her as support was probably a top present haha. I fell in love with a tune of hers When You Go, it’s got this chorus that has a key change and its one of the most unique and uplifting things I heard in 2019. The song lyrics are actually sad, but we all love Every Step You Take by The Police, so why not this too! She’s backed it up recently with an EP Consistently Inconsistent, with a huge banger in I’m Fine and I’m so glad to see Tiarnie has taken flight and has started to soar. Maybe I’ll support her one day for her Birthday once she’s uber famous!



pic by Cole Bennetts

Georgia has a song called Baby Blue. If you know even 1% of who I am as Timi Temple, you’d know that Baby Blue is my favourite colour. And since this song has been in existence, it’s been the perfect marriage to my favourite colour (thank god I can stop listening to I’m Blue by Eiffel 65 lol).

Jokes aside, Georgia’s song writing is so ethereal and dreamy, and I just want it to be Summer outdoor cinema weather permanently. Live; GJ and her band are MENTAL too. It’s kind of like having a bunch of Ferraris on stage, but they’re not gunning it or racing or showing off, they’re just being perfect and playing all parts immaculately (I was pleased when a couple of huge guitar solos took place though haha)!




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