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FAVE 5: Melb singer-songwriter Will Clift shares his fave artists to top up your playlists!

With his recent tune written on a ski trip and inspired by some cozy narrative delights, Rugby Union-pro-turned-singer songwriter Will Clift is a breath of serene air in the musical realm. From Clift's honeyed vocals to his effortless sonic textures, his brand new single How will have you head over heels with its dreamy instrumentation and smooth melodics. And as if the track wasn't already sinfully charming enough, throw in some dulcet bliss from fellow singer-songwriter Ash Kennedy, and you've got yourself an irresistible sonic brew.

Currently balancing his professional Rugby career with his music adventures and a Bachelor of Science, it's safe to say that Will Clift is a man potently capable of balancing heartfelt endeavours with hardcore hard work - and today Mr Clift is lifting the lid on some of his current musical crushes, with his Fave 5 up-and-comers on full display below for you to get your eyes and ears around!



This big cuddly friend of mine has just released a couple of singles that have gone really well for him. He’s finding his way into his own spotlight after touring with Kaiit and Ruel singing backing vocals and has huge things to come. One of my upcoming singles actually has some beautiful Jaydean Backing vocals in it. He’s just a genuinely nice person that works really hard, so I believe he’s going to go really far.



pic: Molly Ruth Media

The multi-instrumentalist producer/artist that I have worked with for the last few years. Julian can pretty much play everything and is generally a really artistic and interesting guy. He’s ALWAYS in the studio working hard and surrounds himself with the best in the Biz, plus he’s actually an amazing artist in the visual sense as well. He’s got the best groove and luscious locks in the game plus a heart of gold so I can’t wait to hear some more of his own tracks.  



Adrian seems like an extremely wholesome guy with the most adorable smile I’ve ever seen on such a big man. His lyrics are so positive and up lighting and I’ve started plenty of my days listening to his track A.O.K on full volume. He’s definitely already made a name for himself, but I just love what his music is about and thought it deserved a huge shout out.



pic: She Is Aphrodite

Mason and I have been good mates since high school and used to be in a few choirs/ bands together growing up. Mace has been working hard behind the scenes for a couple of years now on his music and I’m super proud of him and his achievements in the last few months. His debut single ‘Recovery’ is an absolute banger and I can’t wait to hear some more tracks and see where he goes with his music. We always used to dream about going on tour together so hopefully we can tee that up someday.



I find it funny that I never really loved choir when I was in school but some of my favourite gigs are ones I’ve sung with Sunshine and the Disco Faith Choir. It’s a bit of an enigma but it’s essentially a gospel choir with a DJ, the amazing Sunshine. The group started off playing sold-out Saturday morning gigs at Revs from 11am and I would often have to run off straight after to rugby games. The gigs are always SUPER high energy and the most amount of fun, we always have amazing costumes and the music is incredible thanks to the high quality of singers and Sunshine’s tracks. I’m missing these gigs a lot and hoping we’ll all be back on stage soon



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