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  • Tiana Speter

VINYL VAULT: I Used to Hate The Ruminaters, Now I Like Them (THE RUMINATERS)

ALBUM TITLE: I Used To Hate The Ruminaters, Now I Like Them ARTIST: The Ruminaters VINYL STATUS: New Well it's official: I used to like The Ruminaters, and now I love them thanks to this shiny happy vinyl that dropped into my life/record collection. This album marks the second EP for the lovable Sydney goofballs, and if you liked their 2014 offering ('I Hate The Ruminaters'), then you will love round two.

Sporting a more optimistic title than the first EP, 2016's 'I Used To Hate The Ruminaters, Now I Like Them' is a 6-track extravaganza that not only showcases their quirky fuzz; it also brilliantly captures the hard work the band has put into getting this record out into the world (including drummer Ted creating his own record label for the occasion).

Recorded at the legendary RAK studios in London (which has also seen the likes of David Bowie, Pink Floyd and Michael Jackson set up shop) during the band's extensive Europe and UK tour, the album is a hazy trip ranging from psychadelic folk ('A Song For a Dandelion') to sinfully sun-soaked rays of awesome ('The Sunball Machine' and 'Mr Bubbles').

Perhaps the genius behind The Ruminaters is their seemingly effortless ability to churn out catchy, feel-good jams with their stamp of signature buzz and eternal ability to play the fool - but underestimate them at your own peril; their sound is refreshingly unique against the current musical landscape, in part thanks to lead singer Pencil's piercingly textured vocals that would be just at home backstage at Woodstock in the 70s as it is on this record.

Without a doubt The Ruminaters are one of catchiest bands kicking around the airwaves right now (just try NOT to sing along to the chorus of 'Bad Bad Things') - and if the music isn't enough, the milky white vinyl and colour-bomb artwork of this album will definitely win you over.

Have a sneaky listen here.

Why should you own it on vinyl? Because Pencil's voice was made to be listened to on vinyl.

LABEL: The Sunball Machine GENRE(S): Indie/Psych-Pop RELEASE DATE: November, 2016



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