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They may only have one gig and one released single to their name, but there's no silencing the sheer explosion that is Sweden's SHOUT. Born of a love for rock and united by a flair for heavy metal, SHOUT is a potent combination of four seasoned musos who crossed paths in their Swedish hometown - and the rest is soon to be history.

Now prepping for the release of their debut album 'PEOPLE OF THE NIGHT' in September, there's a whole lot more noise due from these rollicking hellraisers in the near future, and The Soundcheck grabbed a quick moment with this rocking quartet to chat origins, SHOUTING, and whether or not zombies would buy records during the apocalypse. Interview below.


  • HOMETOWN: Växjö, Småland, Sweden

  • BAND MEMBERS: Kriss Biggs – Bass and lead vocals Danny Diemond – Lead guitar Rob Raw – Lead guitar Ol´Hurricane – Drums

  • HOW DID THE YOU GET STARTED? SHOUT is a pretty recently started band, We all started up in different bands, though everyone knew each other from the very beginning. We come from the same area in Sweden, and our paths crossed on concerts, parties and much more. We have all carried the torch of rock music, since we got the first taste of the rock’n’roll lifestyle in our early teen years we have been hooked for life. Me and Danny played with The Scams, hitting the road all over Sweden and Europe for more than ten years - having a bit too much fun. Ol’ Hurricane started out as a farmer boy. He learned to play the drums in a basement, and later moved to the city where he met Kriss, Danny and Rob. Rob had been Rocking out playing guitar with his band Danger touring Sweden and Europe and had no plans slowing down when joining what was to become SHOUT.

  • HOW LONG HAS SHOUT BEEN GOING FOR? We are just in the starting pits with SHOUT so far, we have released one music video single and another one on the way, and then having our debut album released in September, so we are pretty fresh of the bat.

  • WHO ARE SOME OF YOUR MUSICAL INFLUENCES? Everything from AC/DC, Iron maiden, Judas Priest, Kiss, Rose Tattoo, Turbonegro, Ramones, Misfits, Elvis and more! We get influenced by stuff all the time.

  • DESCRIBE SHOUT IN THREE WORDS: Traditional heavy metal. Or perhaps 2 words and 1 sentence: SCREAM! SHOUT! That’s what its all about!


  • WHAT'S THE MOST MEMORABLE GIG YOU'VE PLAYED SO FAR AND WHY? With SHOUT we have only had one gig so far, it was at BULLETs release party for their new album Dust to gold and that was for sure memorable! But other when that it was playing at Sweden rock festival with my former band The Scams in front of 10.000 people. Can´t have much more fun then that!;)

  • WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE SHOUT SONG AND WHY? That’s a tough one but I'll say 'Racing With The Devil' cause its fun to play, it’s the fastest! But 'PEOPLE OF THE NIGHT', 'SCREAM! SHOUT!' and 'Alive' are some of the songs the other guys favour.

  • WHAT ARE YOU CURRENTLY WORKING ON RIGHT NOW? ANY NEW THINGS ON THE HORIZON? At the moment we are working on getting another music video out there titled “SCREAM! SHOUT!” and prepping for the album release in September that will be titled (the same name as our first single) “PEOPLE OF THE NIGHT”.

  • IF YOU WEREN'T PLAYING MUSIC, WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU BE DOING? Perhaps recording music? Or something else related to music? I really have no idea! Haha!

  • IF YOU WERE STRANDED ON A DESERT ISLAND WITH ONE OTHER BAND, WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE AND WHY? Probably Turbonegro, they would get the party started.


  • CATS OR DOGS? Cats because they take care of them selves and do what they want, a bit more independent! ;)

  • WOULD SHOUT SURVIVE A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE? Well first of all I'm not sure you'd want to survive that crap! But we would if we wanted to, our music career wouldn’t! It would definitely be dead, face it, there ain´t gonna be no zombies buying records or concert tickets, but we'd survive! We've seen the walking dead, we'd know how to rock n roll!

  • AND FINALLY, WHAT'S THE GREATEST SONG OF ALL TIME AND WHY? Not the easiest question, but the first thing that pops in to my head is “If You Want Blood” with AC/DC because I cant recollect ever growing tired of that song at any point. Or maybe I just haven’t listened to it enough yet haha!




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