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  • Tiana Speter

MIXTAPE UPDATE: July 2022 Mixtape #1 = Spiritbox, Eat Your Heart Out & More!


It's a new month, we're officially in the second half of 2022 - and that means it's time for another update for The Soundcheck Mixtape! At the start and midway through each month, The Soundcheck busts out 15 songs onto the mixtape on Spotify, boasting an array of new, not-so-new and throwback tunes that are kicking around Tiana Speter's speakers right now.

July Round 1's list features a new 90s-infused track from Canadian heavies Spiritbox, with Rotoscope bouncing in as the cover track for this month. Also featured for the first round in July are new tracks from Eat Your Heart Out, Lamb of God, Grey Daze, Cane Hill, I Prevail and Vicious Blonde - plus the ethereal team-up between Sleep Token and Loathe that Tiana's still massively obsessed with right now.

Full playlist below, go grab a listen while you're driving, working and/or avoiding awkward small talk!



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