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  • Tiana Speter

MIXTAPE UPDATE: September 2022 Mixtape #1 = Parkway Drive, Architects, PAPERWEIGHT & More


It's a new month AND a new season! September and Spring are officially here, and that means The Soundcheck's mixtape has had a refresh! Handpicked twice a month by The Soundcheck boss Tiana Speter, The Soundcheck Mixtape on Spotify features 15 new, not-so-new and old faves for you to sink your ears into.

For September's Round 1, Aussie metal heroes Parkway Drive take out the cover spot with their stunning new single and new album title track Darker Still. Plus, Aussies represent with liveconformdie, Future Static, PAPERWEIGHT, Jacob Lee and (via Aussie frontwoman Nikki Brumen) Blood Command. Plus there's throwbacks from Bikini Kill and Tomahawk, newbies from Architects, Dead Cross and more!

Full playlist is below, go grab a listen while you're driving, working and/or avoiding awkward small talk!

The Soundcheck - September 2022 #1 Mixtape:

Parkway Drive - Darker Still

Architects - deep fake

I Prevail - Self-Destruction

Dead Cross - Heart Reformer

Tomahawk - God Hates a Coward

liveconformdie - Nu Life

Norma Jean - A Killing Word

Future Static - Venenosa

Nothing But Thieves - Futureproof

Bikini Kill - Rebel Girl

Ways Away - (I'm Not) Laughing with You

Blood Command - Saturday City

PAPERWEIGHT - Lemon Spiders

Jacob Lee - Jealousy

Coyle Girelli - Funland (Stripped)



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