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  • Tiana Speter

MUSIC NEWS: Cop the brand new clip from Amaranthe to celebrate their brand new album!


For a solid decade, Swedish metal icons Amaranthe have swept the world up in their melodic fervour and crushing flair, and the group's brand new album Manifest is a culmination of colour, chaos and blazing dexterity, capable of defying the doom and gloom of 2020 while also fearlessly continuing the journey of one of the most uplifting bands in the heavy music realms. And as if the album release isn't enough of a treat in itself - the band have also unleashed a music vid for the sensational track Fearless.


In case you missed the memo: Swedish melodic metal heroes Amaranthe have defied the odds and recently unleashed one of their most engaging releases to date, with the stunning Manifest out wreaking beautiful havoc in the world right now:

"So, we come to it at last! We are so very proud and happy to finally unveil 'Manifest' to the world, an album written with so much pure joy and enthusiasm, and yet very nearly did not see the light of day. When faced with the decision to record the album despite a world wide pandemic, the answer was the same as when we canceled tours that were supposed to promote the album: we HAVE to release this album in 2020! As our long-time listeners are well aware of, AMARANTHE believes in positive, energetic and uplifting music, and we feel that such sentiments are more needed than ever before! Easily our most confident and convincing album to date, this is music born out of pure passion and eagerness to create. This is our manifesto, and all our aesthetic aspirations made apparent - this is 'Manifest'." - Amaranthe

And with the world currently on metaphorical and literal fire, what better way to celebrate the brand new release from this insatiable lot than with the unveiling of a brand new music video for the track Fearless, providing not just some crushing ear candy, but also perhaps the anthem we all need right now more than ever:

Fear - perhaps the most primal of instincts and most ancient of proclivities, and yet despite all our recent technological marvels our tendency towards fear only grows. Perhaps the great paradox of our time: we have never been materially safer, yet never more exposed to the ills and misfortunes of our truly global civilisation. This very primal urge is pure currency for both political and financial gain, and the more we give in to fear, the more it enslaves us. However, inside each and every one of us there is also courage, conviction and determination. It is in the face of adversity that we grow the strongest - so heed your inner warrior, pay homage to bravery - and transform into the 'Fearless'!" - Amaranthe

Widely acclaimed as a dazzling live act, the Swedes reached a new peak of creativity on 2018’s hugely successful Helix: an album that pushed the band’s vision to new heights, breadths and depths, while showcasing the brilliance of Elize and her co-vocalists, Henrik Englund Wilhelmsson and recent recruit Nils Molin.

Not just a glorious return but a wholesale upgrade for their exuberant sound, Manifest is simply the most daring, dynamic and unforgettable album that AMARANTHE have released to date. The perfect antidote to the nagging anxieties plaguing us all in these troubled times, it’s a Technicolor celebration of metal’s ageless power, blazing with all of life’s colours and chaos, but delivered with utmost artistry and skill. Go check out the brand new music video below, and for album goodness and more, head HERE.






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