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  • Tiana Speter

MUSIC NEWS: Pedal To The Metal brings another 'Band Together' collab, Tool-style

After a stellar launch with a kickass cover of Incubus earlier this month, the isolation covers project Band Together (founded by Pedal To The Metal and sponsored by HEAVY Mag) is back with a bang, this time covering Tool's iconic Eulogy from their 1996 album Aenima.

Brought to life as an outlet to bring musicians and fans together to share in some positivity in these bizarre times, Band Together started as the brainchild of Code Atlantic and Painting Fires guitarist Matt New, with each episode featuring a collective of killer artists teaming up remotely to perform and record a well-known cover.

This second addition to the Band Together series brings in Doug Skene (Hemina, Anubis) on vocals, Pete Borzęta (Cirrus Crown) on lead guitar, Cam Swales (Dimensionist) on bass, Jason Hogan (Dimensionist) on drums and New himself on rhythm guitar, as well as directing duties.

While we're all stinging from the lack of live music in our lives right now, it's endeavours like these that can somehow soften the blow as we all eagerly await to see when and how restrictions will ease for the music industry. But in the meantime, this is another epic rendition of a favourite for many - so go get your Tool fix with some awesome local musos doing it justice and then some!



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