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  • Tiana Speter

MUSIC NEWS: Brissie rockers The Dollar Bill Murrays are hitting the road!

Do you like Bill Murray, dollars, and perhaps music?

Well firstly, congratulations on your good taste. And secondly, you're in luck because Brissie fuzz-kings The Dollar Bill Murrays are taking their potent new single 'The Shape You Take' on the road starting tomorrow!


Marking the second release since their 2017 sophomore EP 'Always On', 'The Shape You Take' is a fun and punchy outing, packed full of overdrive lust and slinky basslines. And if you catch yourself thinking this sort of grooving grunge is just begging to be heard on vinyl, the lads have also released a limited edition 7" vinyl release in conjunction with the legends at Valley Heat Records.

The theme of the new single came about in singer Felix Lindgren's living room as his mind wandered during a passionate argument: “It wasn't just what we were saying, but how we were moving - the energy we were expressing, and the shape we were taking that was important and captured the true motives of both of us at the time. 'The Shape You Take' is people’s inner thoughts – what they mean and what they want,” says Lindgren.

With winter upon us and the boys' new single blazing up speakers across the country, there's no time like the present for them to hit the road, with the Dollar Bill Muray lads cranking out tunes across the east coast starting tomorrow! Tour dates and more below!




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