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  • Tiana Speter

MUSIC NEWS: For The Love Of Music - FEED MUSIC Is Here To Help Salvage The Live Industry

It's zero secret that the live music industry has and continues to suffer through one of the most crushing couple of years, with ongoing restrictions, lockdowns and endlessly changing government goalposts affecting short and long-term hope for musicians and those who work in and around the industry.

But amongst the uncertainty, an initiative originally conceived of back in 2014 has relaunched, with Pixie Weyand's Feed Music online tool ready to help breathe some much-needed life back into our beloved live music sector.

Introduced officially back in 2017 at BIGSOUND, Feed Music went on to score Weyand an Industry Impact nomination at the Industry Observer Awards; but it's now in 2022 that Weyand, the former booker and co-owner of Brisbane's iconic live venue The Zoo, has launched a "pay it forward" platform, rebooting the imitative at a time where the industry remains at its knees.

At the heart of Feed Music is a collaborative foundation that benefits all, as Weyand herself explained in a social media explanatory post.

“We want to shift this paradigm, channeling these resources towards unique authentic artist partnerships built on integrity, purpose and passion,” Weyand explained. “It’s time that we brought the artist-and-brand power couple back in a big way.”

Weyand's ultimate goal with Feed Music is to connect artists with appropriately aligned businesses, alongside a focus on financial stability and sustaining positive mental health along the way.

"After 100,000 hours of work, sleepless nights, early mornings, self-doubt, pondering, life savings and a whole lotta love for live music - FEED MUSIC is back baby!!!
Waitlist is open for ALL ARTISTS and any business that want support live music and get involved – the goal of this platform is to connect artists with aligned businesses, creating mutually beneficial connections, supporting financial stability and better mental health. Your support means the absolute world, support & join the waitlist via"

- Pixie Weyand, Feed Music Founder

Back in 2020, The Soundcheck was honoured to feature Weyand as part of an International Womens' Day special, and two years later Weyand's diehard dedication to the music industry has entirely not waned.

The waitlist for Feed Music is now open to any and all artists, and is a must for any artists or businesses who continue to be impacted by the dreaded pandemic. Head here to find out more, and check out Weyand's nifty little explainer video below too!



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