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  • Tiana Speter

MUSIC NEWS: Gang of Four's 40th Entertainment! Anniversary Aussie tour

Undoubtedly of the most influential alternative groups in recent history, Gang of Four's ongoing legacy since their explosive beginnings in the 1970s continues to resonate heavily across a myriad of genres and bands. And with their most influential and groundbreaking debut album 'Entertainment!' due to celebrate its 40th anniversary next year, it's only fitting that they'll be bringing their punked-up selves down under and to NZ for a celebratory tour.


'Entertainment!' may have been a sarcastic title, but it wasn’t entirely inaccurate; the album is caustic and bursting with disgust for unethical capitalism, opportunist politicians, and consumer society, while still bearing striking pop sensibilities. Boasting some stone-cold classics like 'Damaged Goods', 'Naturals Not In It' and more, the end result was a raw delight - so much so that when the group finished the album and played it to their record company, EMI mystified asked “Is this the demo?” to which the band said, “No. It’s the album”. EMI left it as it was and it was put out without any polishing.

As with any boundary-breaking record, 'Entertainment!' has subsequently been the source of a continual stream of copies and copies of copies, but even as the imitations continue, Gang of Four's debut remains singular, a powerful call to arms and has been praised by the likes of

Rolling Stone, Kurt Cobain and Pitchfork, while also lending eventual influences to Michael Hutchence, Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand and beyond.

Join GANG OF FOUR as they Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the album that kick started it all and changed the musical landscape, 'Entertainment!'.

PRE-SALE TICKETS: Up until 8am, Monday 26th November

ON SALE: Monday 26th November, 9am Local Time

Aus Tickets:

NZ Tickets:




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