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  • Tiana Speter

MUSIC NEWS: Hadal Maw unleash a brand new tune and EP announcement!

Bow down to the ballistic beauty that is Hadal Maw and their brand new belter of a track 'Idolatry', giving a window both into their upcoming EP release and impending tour alongside Psycroptic and Archspire.


Since their inception in 2010, Hadal Maw have fast procured a stature as a benchmark for creating new perspectives on heavy music, and the relentless new track is another step into heavy finesse that expands on their 2017 release 'Olm', and will segue nicely into their national tour alongside fellow tech-metal machines Psycroptic and Archspire in August.

'Idolatry' is the first single and the opening track from Hadal Maw's upcoming EP 'Charlatan', which we recently learned is due out in August. The five track release is an endeavour by the quintet from Melbourne, Australia to take their vision of progressive death metal and focus it into their most cohesive work yet.

It's clear from the first millisecond of 'Idolatry' that the band are on a fierce and unbreakable trajectory, dousing the atmosphere in jarring melodies, blasting drums and the searing roar of latest addition Tim Anderson's bass work coupled with the familiar screams of Sam Dillon.

Of the track, vocalist Sam Dillon explains: "Idolatry touches upon the extreme admiration and obsession we have for power and faith, however false and detrimental that it may be for us. Many horrific acts can be pursued under the banner of religion or peace and sadly, this is a very real nightmare of our times. An anthem to abandoning our empathy and being lead by tyrants however farcical they appear."

Simultaneously crushing and extreme, Hadal Maw clearly have a lot to say and an insane arsenal of sound up their sleeves - and there's no doubt that 'Charlatan' is set to be as vicious as it is thought-provoking. Check out 'Idolatry' below, or head HERE for EP pre-orders now.



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