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  • Tiana Speter

MUSIC NEWS: Let there be Rock! Home Brewed Festival will throw down next month!

It's no huge secret that us Aussies love our rock in all shapes and flavours. And while live music has been off the menu for a while for many of us for so long, the live music scene is certainly roaring to life; and one event in particular is gearing up to fly the flag for all things rock, with Silverback Touring recently announcing Home Brewed, aka a series of festival-style shows across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in April.

Celebrating every gamut of the rock world, Home Brewed has something for every rockin' soul; whether you're into straight up hard rock, metal, glam, doom, stoner, punk or just generally heavy sounds, these three special shows will showcase some of the best local talent each city has to offer - and damn, we are in for some good times.

Promising an epic day out for fans, as well as the perfect opportunity to discover some of the incredible local and emerging acts in our scene, there's no excuse necessary to indulge in some live music - but Home Brewed certainly is coming through with the goods to tempt you back into some festival vibes once more.



Sydney: Lillye, Bad Moon Born, Dept. of Gloom, High, Screaming Eagle, Hibiscus Biscuit, Wolf Creek, Big Red Fire Truck, Avalanche and Wicked Things

Brisbane: These Four Walls, From Crisis To Collapse, Patient Lounge, Piston Fist, Black Whiskey, Evil/Twin and Goatzilla

Melbourne: Palace of the King, The Mercy Kills, Chasing Lana, Envenomed, Cicadastone, El Colosso, Atomic Riot, Dangerous Curves, Stonetrip and Horizons Edge.


Sydney - Sat 17 April - Crowbar - 3pm to 11pm

Brisbane - Fri 23 April - The Zoo - 6pm to 12am

Melbourne - Sat 24 April - Max Watts - 6pm to 12am


Home Brewed tickets are extremely limited, and are on sale as of today! Head here for ticket info and more:


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