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  • Tiana Speter

MUSIC NEWS: Ahoy all you lovers of pirates and metal - get set for a battle royale for the ages!

Fresh from sailing the seven seas (in Europe), Brissie pirate metal kings Lagerstein are back on dry land, moderately hungover and gearing up to wow some hometown crowds for the Aussie leg of their Endless Rum Tour heading to town next month.

Fresh from roaming the stages to crowds, including at the iconic European festivals Sabaton Open Air and Wacken Open Air, Lagerstein also sit armed with their recent album release 25/7 for their Aussie fans in November. But in true Lagerstein form, it's not just the shows we have to look forward to; instead, over the next three weeks, Lagerstein and tour supports Triple Kill are pitting themselves and their fans against one another as they face off for a Battle Royale to go down in history.

3 competitions, 3 live show punishments that will shape the performances you'll witness. And with a horde of awesome locals along for the ride (Clarity of Chaos in Canberra, As I Destruct and ZCluster in Sydney, Keggin in Adelaide, The Backyarders in Melbourne and Pavilion in Brisbane), these shows are set to be a wild, wild ride. With Round 1 already underway, go grab some rum and batten down the hatches - your Battle Royale info is below for those wanting to get involved


Endless Rum - Battle Royale Rules

Round 1 is done and dusted, but to take part in rounds 2 and 3, tune into each band's Facebook page for the next two Thursdays and find out how you can help your favourite band win, forcing the other band do do some dumb (but utterly hilarious) stuff. (Lagerstein's Facebook is HERE, Triple Kill's is HERE)

Round 2 "Speed Eats" kicks off next November 3rd/4th, with the winner announced Saturday 5th November.



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