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  • Tiana Speter

MUSIC NEWS: Leanne Tennant announces new tunes & QLD launch shows

Hot off a killer 2019, singer-songwriter extraordinaire Leanne Tennant is diving into 2020 with an elegant bang with two QLD Music Award nominations, new music on the horizon and some local shows to celebrate in style.


It's been a spectacular few years for indie kween Leanne Tennant, taking out the prestigious Carol Lloyd Award in 2018, a string of bubblin' new tunes (including Cherry Cola and Bring It All Back), plus local and international airplay amid many other achievements. And while this talented lady already started off 2020 with two nominations for the QLD Music Awards, that's just the tip of the iceberg for what's in store - and February will gift a brand new tune Everspin, plus some local shows to celebrate.

Recorded and produced by Yanto Browning (Amy Shark, The Belligerents) at Airlock Studios in Brisbane, with the help of Mark Anthony Maher (aka Kram of Spiderbait fame), this airy track came to life as an exhausted Tennant walked Sydney's Chinatown Mall at the end of a long tour:

“I felt very still, deflated and happy at the same time, watching the busy world spin by...“Everspin is about being stuck in a blur of activity yet you still appear to be standing still”, says Leanne, “It's about putting in all your efforts to be seen and heard yet those efforts continue to go unnoticed. Stuck in the noise. It was inspired by how I was feeling at the time about the music industry and how difficult it is to earn a living as an artist.”  Leanne Tennant

Harnessing her bittersweet emotions, Everspin spun to life in true Tennant fashion, ultimately offering warm melodics, earnest lyrics and a polished gleam across the sharp arrangements below. And amid the driving basslines, bubbling guitars and snazzy percussion courtesy of Kram himself, Tennant's lulling vocals offer a calming reprieve from the mad, mad world around us, and showcases the reason Tennant has found herself so rapidly on the rise.

Everspin will officially come to life on Thursday February 20 - and if you happen to be in Brisbane or the Gold Coast later this month, you can also catch the lovely Leanne launching her brand new sonic baby with some single launch shows ready to roll. More info below, and for all other Leanne Tennant info, head HERE.

"EVERSPIN" QLD LAUNCH SHOWS Thursday February 27 | The Junk Bar | Brisbane, QLD

Friday February 28 | Gympie Civic Centre | Gympie, QLD Saturday February 29 | Home Of The Arts - Basement | Gold Coast, QLD



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