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  • Tiana Speter

MUSIC NEWS: Mass Sky Raid drop a massive new tune & announce new lineup!


While it's been a couple of years between musical drinks for Gold Coast rockers Mass Sky Raid, the group are steamrolling back to life with a brand new tune Not Alone dropping yesterday, plus two new faces joining the fold as the band sit poised on an exciting new chapter.


Springing to life back in 2011, alt rockers Mass Sky Raid ricocheted from their debut EP Courage Under Fire in 2013 to live supports alongside Dead Letter Circus and Twelve Foot Ninja and a heavily well-received debut album Science of Fiction back in 2018. And with the promise of a brand new album on the horizon to tantalise your ears, the group have unleashed a brand new lineup alongside the dense anthem Not Alone, with the new track dropping yesterday alongside the new personnel reveal.

Continuing to explore their penchant for potent soundscapes and anthemic prowess, Not Alone is a fluttering acclamation of towering rock, bringing in Nic Ross on drums and Joshua Whitney on bass alongside original members Adam Lomas (vocals) and Alex Kewley (guitar). And with some crystalline production from fellow Gold Coast wiz Luke Palmer, the 2020 version of Mass Sky Raid is one of confidence and finely crafted rock, with an unabashed look into facing your fears.

"[Not Alone is an attempt to] consider the concept of facing one’s own fears as you try and find your own deeper purpose and meaning. The song explores the struggle one has when reaching for your dreams and the uncertainty that it creates when you step outside your own place of comfort to create a more meaningful life. It looks at the battle to find strength to take that unfamiliar and uncertain path which can lead to an ultimately more fulfilling existence." - Adam Lomas, vocals

Off the back of receiving funding support through the local Gold Coast Regional Art Development Fund program, Mass Sky Raid have undoubtedly been leveling up as they edge closer to a brand new album. And if Not Alone is any indication, we're in for a hell of a good time from this lot in the near future. But in the meantime - go check out the new track below!






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